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Oohhs and Aahhs Soul Food

1005 U Street NW Washington, DC 20001
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  • Posted by February 2017

    Food was awful. They should warn people the grits are sweet! Did not realize you had to go upstairs to dine in and they would not void or transfer order upstairs. We had no place to eat. Had to go across street to eat food. Then to realize they had not packed all of our order but no one wanted to go back. Service was terrible. I won't be back. I had this on my list of places from watching the show. I had flown in from Michigan and insisted my host go here. We ended up at McDonalds

  • Posted by October 2015

    The food was so good, I have to plan another trip back. I had the shrimp and Grits, Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese(not the best for me), and corn Bread. The line was out the door and down the street, people just kept pouring in to take food out.

  • Posted by April 2015

    A dive for sure. But the food was amazing and the people so kind. Not a great place for your heart but will satisfy your soul. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone. Mine is the west burbs of Chicago.

  • Posted by February 2015

    The food is phemo! My wife and I have only been there once and had the 2-meat dinner meal with fried fish, fried chicken wings with collar greens, yams and mac-n-cheese. I hated the mac-n-cheese but I don't like mac-n-cheese with a lot of cheese period and theirs had tons of cheese. Everything else was five star taste. Their sweet potato pie and pumpernickel pie (I think its called) is very good also. Sweet ice tie and lemonade was even good and they give you too much damn food! The place looks like a nasty bodega but the food is great. Must try!!!

  • Posted by August 2014

    It was, alright. Nothing to write home about. Bland but fresh. It is a bit dingy and the dine in area is the size of a dorm room. Pricey for the quality but they do feed you plenty. I was not impressed but I've had worse.

  • Posted by lemonlady August 2014

    Best food we have had on Styrofoam in a long time. We had shrimp, wings, crabcakes, and just about all the sides. The candied yams were melt in my mouth amazing and the potato salad was a chunky mash goodness. The collard greens were tasty as were the green beans - my kids even ate them. The wait staff was nice.

  • Posted by Terreque Paige January 2013

    Very small place, but great food and prices

  • Posted by Lolac February 2012

    The place is tiny and cramped.  My kids liked the food but I wasn't impressed.  I had the fried chicken and it was dry and bland.  The kids had the mac and cheese, which they enjoyed.  I would not go back.

  • Posted by nicole October 2011

    Food looks good and I walked into the place twice, once last year and once sunday, hoping that the place would look cleaner.  But each time, the place looked so dirty that I could not bring myself to order from there, no matter how good the food is or looked. I'm sorry, but as high as the prices are, maybe they should pay for a larger space or renovate that one.

  • Posted by nicole October 2011

    food looked good but the place looked so dirty that i didnt eat

  • Posted by Janette August 2011

    The fried chicken, greens and potato salad was goony-goo-goo-good. The flavors of everything was on point. The friend chicken was probably the best I"ve had in a long time. It was crispy and tender and I wanted more when I finished eating it. The greens had just enough pepper to make them interesting. The potato salad was just as good as my Mom's. Yes, it's more than I'm used to paying for soul/Southern food but the portions are large enouh for two. As for the service, everyone was nice. I was in a hurry so I sat on the stools on the first floor. The cooks checked back with me several times to make sure I was happy with the food and didn't need anything. I'll be back for short ribs.

  • Posted by erike July 2011

    I thought the food was great (turkey meatloaf, grits, yams).  It is a bit dirty, but the staff was really nice.  The prices were a bit steep for the atmosphere, but each portion is enough for two, so if you share, the price is cheap.  Also, there is seating upstairs, not just the four stools.  Not worth going way out of your way for, but as a local dive, I would go again.

  • Posted by Brunchmeister June 2011

    This was some great food. I didn't know there was such a thing as too much cheese in Mac & Cheese. The crab cakes a great. The meet just falls off the short ribs and is as tender as can be. The portions are big. I was too full to have desert, so I had the peach cobbler to go. That turned out to be dinner by itself. It was perfect, you just couldn't stop eating it. It was a bit pricey, but I expect that for this quality of food. Except for the fact there are only 4 stools for the whole place, it was a great treat to eat there.

  • Posted by TM May 2011

    The food was horrible and overpriced.  I was so pissed because I was starving that night only to go home still starving.  I was so disappointed!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    Yes the food is awful and over priced.  Defanitely is a DIVE, don't go!!!! I through out my meal.  It was hot and the services was the worse.  I don't know How they will survive.  I live in the DC area and I have never had such bad soul food.  I agree Southern Friers  in the Big D is the Bomb!!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    The food was okay.  Way to pricey for what you get. The parking was expensive and the location is horrible.  Try Southern Fires in Detroit, MI.  Soul food for a lot cheaper and better tasting.

  • Posted by Rian Tay September 2010

    It Brakes my heart to do this.  But I this is the WORST DDD spot I have ever been to.  We came via metro and into a heavy pooring rain, only to come into a cramp lobby.  We went upstairs to eat only to have a rated R movie blasting out F-bombs.  Nothing makes my appetite go away faster than F-bombs.  "But hey, isn't the food good?"  NO!  The chicken breast I had was dry and finger-burning hot.  Mac-n-cheese was decent.  But even if the chicken was total perfection, I still could not eat it; the plastic utensils were so cheap that they couldn't even pierce a bubble, let alone the chicken's crust. The only way Guy thought this place was "off da hook" is if he was bribed.  "Winner winner!  Chicken Dinner?"  More like " Fail Fail; the chicken is stale"

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