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Tortilla Cafe in Washington, DC
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Tortilla Cafe

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210 7th Street SE  WashingtonDC  20003

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Triple D Poster hanging at Tortilla Cafe

Triple D Poster hanging at Tortilla Cafe  [...]

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Guy ate Here sign with Owner Catalina Canales at Tortilla Cafe

First time getting to meet with one of the chef/owners that were on the show.  [...]

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The Pupusa's with Fried Plantains and Rice at Tortilla Cafe

The Pupusa's with Fried Plantains and Rice at Tortilla Cafe  [...]

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Out front of Tortilla Cafe

Out front of Tortilla Cafe  [...]

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Mi Tortilla Cafe & Bakery - Jourdanton, TX

Tortilla Cafe in Washington, DC 
Mi Tortilla Cafe & Bakery 830-769-3210 http://www.mi-tortilla-cafe-bakery-glsvy...  [...]

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Tortilla Cafe Centrs

Tortilla Cafe in Washington, DC 
Tortilla Cafe Centrs.  [...]

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One and a Half TV Show: How to Prepare Tamales

Tortilla Cafe in Washington, DC 
Diane visits Tortilla Cafe in Capitol Hill, Washington DC. She tries to get the secret with Catalina how to make their special Tamales!  [...]

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Tortilla Cafe

Tortilla Cafe in Washington, DC Tortilla Café offers real authentic ethnic Latin American cuisine from El Salvador and Mexico.  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    9/1/2012 1:01:03 AM
    Outstanding food!!!! Saw on DDD and had to stop by before going to the Redskins game. Tried the beef nachos (steak not ground beef), tamales, and burritos. Everything rocked!! And for not a lot of money. Will definitely go back! You've got to try this place and it's on the same street as a metro station so it's easy to get to.
  2. anonymous
    4/8/2012 6:35:32 PM
    I wanted to try this place because i love Latino food (and of course I saw it on DDD). It was the BEST Mexican/El Salvordoran food i have ever had. The owner/employees were super nice, the resturant was clean and quick to serve you. The food speaks for itself...homemade and AMAZING. a must if you love Latino food!
  3. anonymous
    11/6/2011 3:31:44 PM
    This place was amazing!! I was visiting a friend in D.C. and well we had to try.   As a foodie, it's hard to come by our traditional Central American foods unless grandma or aunties are in the kitchen whipping up a batch.  The staff & owner was super friendly and was serving tables herself. It's an amazing Central American little restaurant in the Eastern Market area and we just had to try. Tortilla Cafe is known for the "Corn Tamales. " These are traditionally wrapped banana leaf with a sweet & smooth corn filling- goodness all it's own.  Delicious, well portioned, well priced pupusa's are  are hard to find, but this place had it.. It was cheesy, ooey, gooey and delicious- just what they should be (Corn filled tortilla pillows filled with pork, cheese or mixed - as you wish) topped with pickled cabbage slaw that has a great balance of vinegar to spice.   Lastly, we ordered the fried Yuca con chicharron (Cassava Root- similar to a rooted potato and  friedPork). The only thing, was there was no restroom; however, if you can get over that- stop by and have yourself a little taste of tradition, you won't be disappointed!!!!  good find.   Thanks DDD.
  4. anonymous
    8/2/2011 11:52:10 AM
    This place is AWESOME!! Went with my husband, dad and his girlfriend. We all got something different and every single dish was delishious. My mouth is watering just thinking about this place!!  :-D
  5. anonymous
    5/7/2011 8:20:07 PM
    OMG!!! We came from Indiana for a long girls weekend and went to the Tortilla Cafe for lunch. It was so good. Great pico de gallo and the chicken empanada was wonderful!!! Thanks for the great suggestion!
  6. anonymous
    2/6/2011 2:38:56 PM
    The papusa lived up to the hype, get the pork and cheese, it's amazing.  Also had the chicken empanda with an amazing pico de gallo. 
  7. anonymous
    1/2/2011 1:42:17 AM
    We visited Tortilla Cafe in June and the food was wonderful!!!  They make traditional El Salvadoran food, including pupusas.  The staff is friendly and the food great!
  8. anonymous
    6/13/2010 11:46:16 AM
  9. anonymous
    5/30/2010 10:46:08 PM
    This restaurant was great!  It is a little hole in the wall in a really fun part of town.  We went there by bike from the Mall.  The beef soup was great...really nice flavor and the beef was sooo tender!  The papusa was amazing!  I didn't even know what it was but it was great.  I would definitely visit here again.

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