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Rino's Place

258 Saratoga Street Boston, MA 02128
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  • Posted by mskehan November 2013

    Been here three times so far, every time food was amazing! I travel a lot for work so have had luxury go eating in many major cities, I would put this food up against top Italian restaurants out there! It's that good but I do agree the wait is horrible, the last time we went wait was over an hour because they he'd a large party taking half the small place. I wonder how many poor comments were influenced by their wait? Went once with another couple and they were annoyed at wait so was expecting to hear so so comments but they were very very happy. Tony I know you want to control quality so don't want large place but PLEASE expand, the wait keeps our trips to minimum.

  • Posted by Maverism May 2013

    **Comment from TripleD Fan Claire-Marie Ryan** Chef Guy, I just want to start by saying that I watch your show all the time, Luv it!!! I recently mentioned to a friend about the episode in Boston that featured Rino's in East Boston. My friend has been there many times and we all went last Saturday night. It was amazing, everything and more than promised in your episode. Our waiter, Dickie, was a riot. Not only was the service wonderful, we had an evening of non stop laughs. The owner/chef, Tony, was not there that night but they welcomed me in the kitchen! We had several dishes, including the lobster ravioli seen on your show. We also had the lobster fritters, amazing but my favorite was the pork loin with the prune reduction. We were never rushed and left feeling like part of the Rino's family. Thank you so much for the suggestion, we are sure to enjoy many future special meals at Rino's!!! Thank You so Much, Claire-Marie Ryan

  • Posted by MattW February 2013

    My wife and I are spending 3 days in the Boston area hitting some DDDs and had dinner here last night, a Thursday night. Got there at 5:30 and waited 2.5 hours. Thank goodness for the bar across the street. The good part was the service both across the street and at the restaurant were wonderful. The bad part was the food was average, very average. My wife was so looking forward to the lobster ravioli and the lobster was overcooked. I could have had this at any Italian place without the wait. And the noise level was off the charts. If it weren't a DDD we wouldn't have made the drive, no need to come back for us.

  • Posted by carrie October 2012

    Had dinner last week at Rino's. Waited and hour and a half before we got in...that wasn't really a problem as they have added the bar across the street which we had drinks and apps. This is the second time we ate there, once last year after seeing it on DD&D's. I must say that the food wasn't as good this time. My huband was so impressed with the lobster ravioli the first time and ordered it again. The amount was much less. Our pasta also did not taste fresh and I'm wondering if they still make it fresh everyday (or as they state "as ordered"). I'm not sure if we will return anytime soon...for that long a wait, I expect more.

  • Posted by Jim & Lori August 2012

    Had dinner at Rino's last night. Waited 75 minutes on a Monday night. Was worth the wait. What a great meal. I had the lobster ravioli and my wife had the sausage, brocolli rabe over pasta. Wish Rino's was closer than a two hour drive from home.

  • Posted by Lisa July 2012

    Not impressed at all. We waited an hour - Could not go in because there was no ramp for my partner to get in with his wheelchair. The staff was not very friendly & couldn't leave garlic out of anything aside from the white sauce (due to an allergy). The white sauce was super bland, both my partner & I were actually very speculative that there wasn't any sauce on the pasta at all, in fact. $50 for half ass service, in an inaccessible restaurant, with no allergy accommodations & a meal that would've tasted better from the Olive Garden at half the price? No thanks.

  • Posted by Bill R April 2012

    Food was every bit as good as described on the show.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    This is the most insane food. If you can't eat much bring a friend and order just one meal you will not be disapointed

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    This place is the real deal!!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    We went here when we visited Boston last summer with high expectations after watching the show. The lobster ravioli was just amazing. It was rich and had great depth of flavor. Rino's special was so so. The meat was cooked great but the flavor on the meat and the sauce just wasn't there. We even asked for extra sauce but it just didn't make it amazing. We are still coming back though this spring break to visit again because the lobster ravioli was that amazing and the waitresses were so accomodating and sweet. We also had an appetizer with goat cheese, asparagus, and prosciutto that was amazing.

  • Posted by ALBERT BARILE December 2011


  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    Had lunch on11/3/2011 at about 2pm....It was a taste delight....Service was very good. The pasta was sooo good. The veal...francese and parma  was the best. Had the appetizer with eggplant,mozzarella and tomato....Will be back....Excellent...

  • Posted by Jackson Warner August 2011

    Saw Rinos about 3 weeks ago on diners drive ins and dives. Love lobster, saw the ravioli on the show and had to go try it. I am from central Pa. Get there early; we waited an hour it took another 2 to eat. Long wait was worth it. May have been the best meal I ever ate!! Had high expectation going there and can't wait to go back!!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    If you like italian this can't be beat.Large portions,really fresh and great selections.We worked hard to get there and wanted to eat diner but the wait on Friday night was too long so we "early -birded it",ate at 3:00 to make sure we could try it.This place is like home ,with the kitchen that is small but what magic is produced----it's worth the effort and time to enjoy the food ,atmospher and graet prices ----A+

  • Posted by Mario Vitti July 2011

    Best Italian meal ever!

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    recipe for lobster ravioli

  • Posted by Judy February 2011

    After I saw this show I had to go to Rino's.  We tried three times for dinner and finally had lunch.  No wait.  We were not disappointed at all.  The waitresses, Lois and Dianna, were very friendly and efficient. They knew the menu inside and out.  I could not believe the "special" menu of the day.  Offering everything from roast pork to wonderful pasta dishes.  Beer and wine only,which is not a problem.  Everything was delicious. The veal,chicken and shrimp was cooked perfectly.  And the homemade pasta was "on point".  We loved it and will return.

  • Posted by Rob February 2011

    Is there any nearby hotels?

  • Posted by Joel H October 2010

    Rino's Place is THE BEST!  Best red sauce west of Italy...naaaah....even better than most of the sauces in Italy!  And after the red sauce, the rest of the dishes are always done to perfection.  The ingredients are always fresh, the kitchen is more than willing to suggest their favorite dish on any given day, and the waitstaff is friendly, gregarious, and helpful!  Don't go there (because I'll have to wait longer for a table).

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    Who knew the best Italian food in the city could be found in East Boston? Beats any place I've ever been to in the North End, hands down!

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