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Colossal Cafe

1340 Grand Ave St. Paul, MN 55105
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Guy Fieri Eats (2)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • Apple Walnut & Brie Pancakes we're featured on the TV show
  • The meatloaf sandwich was featured on the TV show BUT I don't see it on their menu anymore so ask them and let us know.

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (10)

  • Posted by April 2022

    They moved to St. Paul, MN a few years ago and have 2 locations now, the one that is listed here is the one on Grand Ave. which is at a great location for visitors as Grand Ave. has a lot of touristy places to visit. Enjoy!

  • Posted by FlashBack November 2014

    Apple/Walnut/Brie Flappers are outstanding! The Mrs ordered the Colassal Combo and the bacon and bread I snuck a bite of were amazing as well..some of the best ever!

  • Posted by Big Tool September 2012

    A tip for America's youth: Don't write restaurant reviews after 1:00 a.m. or else you'll write gibberish instead of declaring that Colossal Cafe was "definitely one of the better DDD places for breakfast."

  • Posted by Big Tool September 2012

    We went to Colossal Cafe for breakfast during our DDD roadtrip to the Twin Cities. The Colossal's indoor dining area is about 10 square centimeters larger than Al's, which is to say that Colossal's dining area about as roomy as a Prius. Thed saving grace (May through September at least) is the outdoor seating.
    My wife inadvertently ordered a full stack of the apple-walnut-brie flappers (instead of a short stack) and I tried a breakfast sandwich on a freshly made biscuit (along with half of my wife's flappers). Both were execellent though the trick with the flappers is to let the brie melt thoroughly. Defginiteky ine of the better DDD places for breakfast.

  • Posted by I Eat For Fun July 2012

    Stopped in on our way to Idaho. We ordered the meatloaf sandwich with the cranberry compote and the marinated pork sandwich. We each had 1/2. Good prices, portions and service. It's amazing how big the camera can make a place look. This is our 5th out of 7 Triple-D stops all tolled. Many more to go.

  • Posted by Awhat292 (Dustin) May 2012

    Kristen-- DDD Roadtrips are fun. I like to get to Minneapolis whenever I can, and going to Triple D locations is good excuse to go (is about 6 hours from where I live), but I usually am also going to concert or visiting family there also. I've been to almost all in MN with exception of the new ones that just aired last month. Begining of June am planning weekend to Omaha primarly to go to the Triple D locations there. But also to get out of town and roadtrip with my GTO. Would love to try to tackle all the locations in TX, but is pretty far for me. Someday though.

  • Posted by Kristin April 2012

    Dustin--- I am seeing your comments everywhere....I am jealous and intrigued.  I want to go on fun DDD roadtrips!!  I am getting to go to Minneapolis in June and will also try to get to some locations in TX over the summer :)

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    My Wife & I enjoyed the Colossal Cafe after seeing it featured in a DDD episode. I devoured a meatloaf sandwich that is like no other meatloaf sandwich out there. The sandwich bread was fresh, the meatloaf was seasoned perfectly, and the cranberry chutney was just like a cherry on top of ice cream. Perfect. My wife went with the daily special, which was a spicy egg mix up/mash up breakfast. She enjoyed this, but wished she went with the apple walnut flappers. With her being "preggers", brie cheese ain't what a lady should be eating. So, a must return after our kid is born! Glad we went!

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Stopped in for breakfast one morning on my May MN DDD Roadtrip. Me and my buddy had the carmel apple flappers. The person at counter said short stack was enough for one person, and most don't finish that. And that the tall stack (which was $1 more) she didn't know anyone who's ever finished it. So I felt since am on a DDD roadtrip, but also a fan or Man V. Food, that I'd take on that challenge. My buddy just got the short stack, but I went for the full one. And I finished it. Plus ate some of his cheese he didn't eat. So man won. And they were very good.

  • Posted by Dennis September 2010

    A tiny cafe seating about 15 in south Minneapolis.  Terrific breakfast offering and known especially for a yeast based pancake called a flapper.  You either love these heavy pancake-like creations or maybe not...but they have a huge following.  Myself, I love the seasonal vegie omelot.  Simply wonderful.  Note: New owner Elizabeth has maintained all the flavor and character of the founder and added some new creations. 

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