Corey's Catsup and Mustard CLOSED

623 Main Street Manchester, CT 06040
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What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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  • Posted by [email protected]August 25, 2019

    This place is now closed

  • Posted by rstoehrerJanuary 24, 2014

    I ate here and I totally recommend the Tomato Soup. While was not the cheapest bowl of soup I have ever had, it was probably the best. Overall, it was great. It does not look like much from the outside, but definitely worth the stop.

  • Posted by Foodie7707January 30, 2013

    This isn't JUST about the beef - although having beef and turkey burger ground an hour before you eat it makes for part of the wonderful flavor at Catsup & Mustard - it's about designing flavor profiles for all sorts of people. The pretzel bun is amazing & worth trying on anything they have and the house-made brisket will make you come back again and again!!

  • Posted by LisaJuly 16, 2012

    Best burger I've ever had and the fries were outstanding!! Excellent service too!!!

  • Posted by Greg D KozlowskiJuly 04, 2012

    If u want a real hamburger.. u have to try Louis lunch in New Haven... No thrills no toppings... Cuz they want u to taste the beef... 5 different choice cuts to be exact and broiled in seasoned cast iron broilers... Talk about flavor town A true orginal... Been around since 1895... Must be doing something right.. its all about the beef.... Haha where the beef?.

  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 08, 2012

    blackened tuna wrap!!!!! sweet potato fries!!! maple mayo is to die for!!! i put it on everything.

  • Posted by Guest IIJanuary 24, 2012

    For a place that only allows you to order "pink" or "no pink" you'd think they'd be able to get it right, but they don't. Ditto on the overcooked, under-seasoned burgers falling apart, and falling flat on the flavor. Corey's C&M is better than Plan B ANY day of the week. BTW - it's "tasteless" and "imitators"... your spelling is about as good as your taste in burgers. 

  • Posted by AnonymousApril 21, 2011

    Someone told me this Catsup and Mustard was on an episode of Diners drive-ins and dives. It this true?

  • Posted by AnonymousApril 10, 2011


  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 09, 2011

    plan b might grind yheir meat twice daily, but they don't season their burgers well and its impossible to get a pink burger there. Also their burgers usually crumble when you eat them. Try goldburgers coreys, or max burger for good burgers.

  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 07, 2011

    Blueslider you rock.  No body is better than Plan B...there may be lots of immitators but there is only one place that grinds their meat fresh twice daily.

  • Posted by bluesliderDecember 03, 2010

    if you like bland burgers & tastless fixings, this is the place for you. i'll be at plan b

  • Posted by dawgpoundnukeNovember 09, 2010

    Awesome burger.  I got the bacon blue cheese burger.  An exposion of flavors.  I also got the parmesan garlic fries that were very good.  A great place to eat

  • Posted by AnonymousAugust 07, 2010

    The BEST burger I have ever had!  "Oh Burger, You Devil"  PERFECT!

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