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10th Ave Burrito Co

817 Belmar Plaza Belmar, NJ 07719
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  • Posted by jonathangullery May 2014

    We went August 2 years ago after watching the show. Waited a while for a table because it was a busy night. Everything we ate was really good. BEST was the chef, who came out of the kitchen and worked the tables. He greeted us like we were regulars. What makes the difference for me in a restaurant? Living in NY I can get great food in a lot of places. What I don't get often is great service. The kind that's not all froofy-moofy NY pretentious, but the kind that's "we care about you, and want you to enjoy your time here." If the food is incredible, but the service is crap, I'll never be back. If the food is OK but I get incredible service, yep, I'll be back in a second. 10th Ave managed to get both right. Rare. (Like Frankies in Brooklyn.)

  • Posted by FatboyDontPlay September 2013

    I came in and I sat down at the bar...semi crowded and filled which is not a bad thing. It just really was not an authentic mexican place when I am the only person in their who prolly understands spanish at 3rd grade level. The food is not authentic at all but it is good. I ordered the scallop ceviche which was very nice in that it was most definitely high quality seafood. The problem is that it had no citrus component that would lend it self to the ceviche...i saw some pineapples and some peppers but it was ugh is that it? Not authentic in the least. Then I ordered the shrimp burrito honestly the only thing that set it apart from a chipotle style burrito was the protein. The seafood is very good and makes the whole dish but if you ask me...23 bucks for a drink and the appetizer and meal...ehhh if your in the area try it...don't drive all the way on a whim like i did from NY expecting this to be something special.

  • Posted by HazyDavy May 2012

    I love the 10th Avenue Burrito, and have never had a bad experience. Last night we enjoyed fresh guacamole and chips, and avocado salads, with steak for me and shrimp for my wife. The food was awesome and so fresh and tasty. The service is fast friendly and flawless. Good news is they're moving down the plaza to the former Viva location. =-X

  • Posted by Lori April 2012

    Took the 2 hr roadtrip with my son and husband.  We loved it.  My hubby had the pork mole and I the fish tacos.  We shared the adobo wings (with the oh so awesome avacado ranch dressing) and spicy mac and cheese.  Food, atmosphere, and service all excellent !!  Ps.  our little guy packed his own since he is only 3 months old and they don't serve his kind of milk!!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    Went there with very high expectations. I had a smothered burrito and it was ok. Didn't think it was even close to the best Mexican I've ever had. Not saying that it wasn't good though, it was just more of a fresh taste than a Mexican taste to me. Kinda hard to describe it but I guess it was less extra flavors from spices and more just the flavor of the individual ingredients. A little plain for me. I like the real mexican places much better. But I would say if your in the area go by there and give it a might enjoy it more than I did!

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    My husband and I visited 10th Avenue Burrito Co. on a Sunday morning after having seen a segment of the DDD show.  However, it was a huge disappointment!   Our experience there included: bad service, practically zero attention from the staff, unfriendly attitude from the staff, and having to sit in a very cold, unheated room.   The food itself was good, but didn't compensate for the other deficits.   This place cannot receive any positive recommendation and should take a course in the meaning of being customer-oriented.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    Stopped in at this place while on a fishing trip to Belmar.  It was bad.  Presumed owner outside wrestling with other owners while waitress watched and chatted instead of bringing our food from the kitchen.  Food was not as advertized.  Pork mole was a cut up chop with sauce not slow cooked as in guys visit.  Beans and rice were exactly that a scoop of rice with canned black beans on top with no spices for $5 as a side dish.  Had to ask for spice and chilantro to add some flavor.This one should be taken off the list.

  • Posted by arlicia September 2011

    i am going to treavel to these resturant u wait and see, am going to either 1 or 2, two taste their food my self,!!!

  • Posted by Robert Cannizzaro November 2010

    this is a good local place,good food good people,great town at the jerset shore

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