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Hills' Restaurant and Lounge CLOSED

401 W Main Ave Spokane, WA 99201
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Reviews (6)

  • Posted by mfkster September 2022

    This restaurant is permanently closed. They have sold the building.

  • Posted by October 2014

    After seeing the show on DDD, wanted to try it there at 4:00 pm at opening so had pick of tables. Had the Scotch eggs, cup of gumbo, and the elk burger. The Scotch eggs were GREAT! The gumbo is the best and closest to true gumbo that I have had since moving to Washington State from Texas (and, yes, I know what true Louisiana gumbo is suppose to taste like). The burger was a bit dry, but I had it cooked med-well, my mistake....will have it medium next time....I would recommend eating there if you get there early and have the great service and attention we add.

  • Posted by pezzman56 February 2013

    Tried this place. My opinion is don't bother. Service was poor. The butternut soup tasted good but the texture was gritty.( guess they don't have a sieve.) The rueben was soggy & not properly browned, & had an odd aftertaste. The frys were limp & unpeeled. I asked for "spicey brown deli mustard" & got some nasty honey mustard.( Which was triple billed to my table. & took several trys to get it off the bill.) It took the bartender two trys to make a whiskey 7. ( Did he really think I wouldn't notice I got a whiskey water with a splash of 7up ?) The truly sad thing is one owner bartends and the other owner cooks !!.
    Bottom line is one of the worst ruebens I've ever had. Even Arby's was better.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Im traveling across country and at my hotel last night, I saw Hills on DDD on Food Network. Since Spokane was my next stop, I decided to head there for dinner since it was close to my hotel.  Bottom line, completely average.  Service... slow and not personable at all. Food... (frog stout beer, gumbo soup as appetizer, and elk burger with salad)... everything was very bland, including the beer, and just overall not impressed. Prices... Great! $24 with 20% tip(only because I'm a nice guy) My advise... try it out and see what you think if you're into experiencing new things, but don't go here thinking you will be blown away.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    I had the Elk burger and it was VERY good!! But I was disappointed that it didn't have all the "bells and whistles"! no cool homemade mustard.........very standard burger with a few fries! My husband's order was not the pasta that he ordered but was good as well.......We'd recommend this place but don't go by what was on T.V.!!

  • Posted by Dave Hill September 2010

    It was a real blast to have Guy here, he is seriously fun dude.

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