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1919 Monticello Avenue Norfolk, VA 23517
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  • Posted by Mina April 2016

    As big fans of Guy Fieri we base our trips to the states around his recommendations. Well doumar's was a massive disappointment. Food waaaaaaaaaaaaay below average, service awful, almost rude, waitresses dirty (proper covered in food stains) or dressed as if they just finished a shift in the hospital and now they were bringing us our fries (wrapping their fingers through them) and mini cold defrosted burger in a plastic foil????? I don't know if guy really only tried to be nice (i truly believe a lot of people from norfolk have sweet childhood memories connected with doumar's), but you cannot recommend that place for food.

  • Posted by C2Cigars October 2014

    Great place. I just regret we didn't get here sooner so we could have met Albert.

  • Posted by redirish May 2014

    its with great regret to inform yall that Alberd Douamar pass away today (5/14/2014) passed away from blader cancer. his son has taken over the family busness. R.I.P. no one can roll a waffle cone like you.

  • Posted by March 2014

    Food is OK, but the Ice Cream is the reason to go. The Cone was invented by Mr. Doumar and they still make them homemade to this day. Prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for nostalgia and long for the good ole' days look no further, this is the place for you. Well worth the stop. Kenneth Wallace, NC

  • Posted by Jason Heward September 2013

    The burgers are AMAZING, the ice cream is AMAZING, eeverything here is AMAZING! Don't let all of these naysayers and wannabe food critics discourage you. Go there, eat and be impressed! I wonder why it has been busy for a hundred years...oh wait, because it's AMAZING!!!

  • Posted by Lisa July 2012

    After eating here I don't think I can trust diners drive ins and dives again. Not one good thing about it, burgers were greasy and slop with the waitress and her greasy fingers.. Disgusting

  • Posted by Molly April 2012

    I worked in the area and I went a couple of times. It is a cute old-time place, but the food is nothing to brag about. I wouldn't go back for a single item. The limeade was too sweet and the burgers were bland and utterly boring.

  • Posted by Robin Ellis December 2011

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the food at Doumars is subpar to say the least. The BBQ is good, the ice cream cones are very good but their cheeseburgers are a JOKE! They taste just like the frozen meat patties you'd buy at Food Lion. And when Guy was there and he bit into that buger and gave the usual "MMMmm! OH! THAT'S MONEY!" He must've been trying to be nice. I go back for ice cream but that's about it. Also, it's RARE if you get someone who's REALLY friendly. I know they're busy most of the time but that's no excuse for being short or just plain unfriendly to a customer. I'm just not that impressed with that place. I've been going there since I was a little girl and I like to take my girls there for ice cream but that's it! And historic or not it's just HO HUM! I'm sorry, just keeping it real.

  • Posted by Bill Kane October 2011

    The ice tea at Doumars is Awesome, Go there, get Ice Tea, BBq and a waffle cone. It's just perfect

  • Posted by donna ellis May 2011

    It's a historic place, but it was just o k! The BBQ sandwich was good. One of the owners was there, he just wasn't very friendly, but it was very busy.

  • Posted by Martin and Carrie Kirsch March 2011

    When we visited Doumars we saw Mr. Doumar working the waffle cone machine. We ate pulled pork sandwhiches, which were very good. We had their limeaide, which was so refreshing on the hot summer day we were there. We ended with an ice cream cone, which was good, but the cone was very hard. We loved being in that place, you could feel the history. In addition to that, with a family of 5 it was good food and very affordable and the kids loved it!

  • Posted by B. Larson September 2010

    Hate to break the news, arrived Friday Night and went there the next day .... lots of flies inside and had to wait for over an hour to share a booth. Ordered a burger that was the size of a half dollar and a root beer float that was about 12 oz. My wife had a extremely dry grilled cheese...after eating our lunch/dinner, we didnt feel much like ice cream (which wasnt anything to write home about in the float) $24 and feeling very disappointed, we left feeling cheated. Not a very good stop on the Triple D Deluxe bus ride for us! Not a ride to Flavor Town there...its a is KFC!

  • Posted by HLL333 March 2010

    It's ice cream ... that's right ... it's just ice cream.  So why does it taste better at Doumars?  when you walk in, you are in another place in time ... a gentler era where the personal touch ruled any service establishment.  And here at Doumars, that's what makes the ice cream so great!

  • Posted by Guest June 2009

    Doumar's has been in business for over 100 years, and invented the idea of the waffle cone, as well as the first machine to make it. Doumar's is known for it's hand-rolled ice cream cones, specialty drinks, and barbecue. They have a variety of diner-style meals and desserts. Doumar's is a local favorite in Southeastern Virginia.

  • Posted by Denise June 2009

    Doumars is known for their homemade ice cream cones, often made by MR. Doumars himself.  We hit Dourmars whenever we're in town for drive-in curbside service - the pork bar-b-que is my favorite, with a limeade, and a jar of homemade cones.  One visit we happened upon Mr. Doumar making homemade cones on the old conemaking machine and sat for a while to watch.  Doumars is a nice, local, famliy place and we try to go on every visit to Norfolk.

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