Mahonys PO Boy Shop in New Orleans, LA

Mahonys PO Boy Shop

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    [email protected]
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    Looks like a lot of these comments are old. I guess there's been a change as we found Mahony's to be awesome when visiting recently. The old owner from DDD isn't there anymore. The chef we met used to work for Susan Spicer. Super nice guy. I had the short rib Poboy and my lunch date had a turducken poboy which was turkey, duck, and chicken cooked together. Both were great but the short rib won for me. No wait. Seated and served right away. If you had a bad experience a while back, I'd say it's worth a revisit. That's my two cents anyway.
  2. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    Went here yesterday and did not even realize that it had been on DDD. The 6" po boys were very large and to me, just okay. French fries were awesome. Pretty pricey and not worth a return visit. Just okay.
  3. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    I went there this weekend after seeing this on DDD, let me tell you don't waste your time and money. First off, they make you feel as if it were a treat for you to grace them with your presence. They had a guy come out to the back of the line where you place your order and begin telling folks, "it will be about 45 minutes for a poboy." It seemed as if they wanted you to leave to give them a break. I mean, how about saying your sorry for the wait, would you care for something to drink? Believe me, you are making enough off of this garbage you're serving, you can afford to give someone waiting for 45 minutes a soft drink. Which reminds me, don't order a diet coke, it was flat and dreadful as well.Now for the food. It perhaps could have been the worst shrimp poboy I have ever had. Now, saying this, I have had the luxury of growing up on the coast and have had some tasty poboys. I am here to tell you, It was not even close..... it was the worst one I have ever had. The shrimp had a harsh corn meal type batter on it. Well, anyway, I am no chef so I don't know what it was. I just know good and not good..... and this is not good.The fried green tomatoes were cut in huge wedges and were so bitter I could not even eat them. They were garbage.I do, however, give credit where it is due. The remoulade sauce was out of sight..... this was the only way I could choke down the sandwich. Which was overpriced about 7 bucks. Emerald, If you could get on TV and say that this is the place to come and eat Poboys in the city, I have to question what you are pouring out at your restaurant too. THIS WAS AWFUL. Unless they are giving the celebs something different. Sorry Emerald, I had to call you out. Your food rocks. I think they paid you to come on DDD and say that.
  4. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    Ate at Mahoney's for dinner tonight. We ordered 2 sodas, dirty fries, the roast beef po-boy, and the peacemaker. The peacemaker has fried oysters, cheese, and bacon. Market price was over $14 and after adding quite a bit of hot sauce it was still bland. Over all it wasn't terrible, but I probably wouldn't go back. It was definately the most disappointing of the DDD places I have visited.
  5. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    Stopped in the other day, just before lunch, found 5 people in line. No biggie. Ordered the 'dirty' fries, creole slaww and (one of) the special of the day, the Mahoney Club. Had all the food out to me within 10-15 minutes. Sat out on the porch and eat most of the fries and slaw and was able to finish half the sandwich. The other have I took with me and had for dinner. A day and a half later, coming back thru town, I stopped in for lunch. Had the Fried Green Tomatoes and the 'root beer' glazed ham and cheese po-boy. Great food, great sides and great service. 
  6. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    The sandwiches were terrific.  My wife had the Grilled Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato sandwich, my son had the muffallata and I had the pot roast po boy along with the daily special of rice and beans.  Along with a beer, wine and a couple of soft drinks our bill was $51.00.  We went back a second time and we were told the wait was going to be 30 minutes and it was 25.  All in all I highly recommend Mahoney's
  7. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    If you want to visit a DDD place that has the WORST sandwiches, the WORST service and the highest prices in New Orleans, than this is your place.  On a recent visit to New Orleans, a friend and I decided that Mahony's had to be on our list of "great places" to eat in New Orleans.  Boy were we duped!  First off, the place was not busy but not crowded either.  There were about 3 people in line ahead of us.  On the recommendation of Guy's episode, we ordered the Grilled Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato Po'Boy and the Fried Chicken Liver Po'Boy.  We were told it would be about a 30 minutes wait for the sandwiches.  We agreed and placed the order. 45 minutes, 50 minutes go by.  No sandwiches.  We then decided to finally ask the girl server what the status of the order was.  She came back 10 minutes later saying "well, the cook said he dropped your sandwiches on the floor so he had to make more".  OK, now I'm not even hungry.  So, when the sandwiches finally arrived 15 minutes after that, I can guarantee you they looked nothing like they did on the DDD episode.  My Grilled Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato Po'Boy was nothign more than bread, tons of shredded lettuce, grilled shrimp, and 4 large stumps of green tomato.  They were not fried, seasoned or anything.  The Fried Chicken Liver Po'Boy sandwich was just as bad.  There was about a pound of dried up breading on what may have been chicken livers - it was difficult to tell or taste what was inside. For the two sandwiches (the Shrimp one was $15 alone!!!!!) a diet coke and a root beer, the bill came to over $40!!!!  Trust me on this -- DO NOT BOTHER VISITING THIS PLACE.  Instead, head over to Liuzza's at 3636 Bienville.  There you'll find authentic New Orleans food which includes to die for Shrimp Po'Boys, Fried Green Tomatoes, and the coldest Abita on tap in town.  The prices are very reasonable and the waitstaff doesn't make you feel like you're a second class citizen.  Mahony's should rename itself MaCrappy's!!  Whatever Guy saw in this place I'll never know.
  8. Anonymous
    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    I got the ham and provolone cheese po-boy, it was fantastic! My friend got the fried shrimp and green tomato po-boy, it was $15!  She didn't even liked it and split my $7 po-boy with me.  The place was extremely busy!  Good atmosphere and good food. :-D


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