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El Indio in San Diego, CA
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El Indio

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3695 India Street  San DiegoCA 

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Buckethead - El Indio

El Indio in San Diego, CA 
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el indio enamorado

El Indio in San Diego, CA 
en la playa.  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    5/5/2012 4:04:31 AM
    Great food beem eating there since 1970
  2. anonymous
    4/14/2012 1:14:55 AM
    Excellent shredded beef, which made a great taco and chimi. The chile relleno was great. The tamale left a little to be desired. It was a little undercooked. Also, try the fresh corn tortillas. They are awesome. Lastly, the refried beans were some of the best I've ever had, and I've had a lot of refried beans.
  3. anonymous
    12/27/2011 10:44:48 PM
    Check this our
  4. anonymous
    12/11/2011 9:32:01 PM
    Love going here, best Mexican food in San Diego, CA
  5. anonymous
    10/26/2011 9:16:40 AM
    Trusted Guy with this choice....and it wasn't a good choice.  Food was average and served on styrofoam plates with plasticware.  My order was given to someone else who took it to their table unwrapped it then took it back and they wanted to give it to me.  I told them to fix another one as I wouldn't take something that someone else had already opened.  I know they took it back and just rewrapped it and brought it back out as it was just a few seconds.  I told them that wasn't right, threw it in the trash can and told them to fix another one which they did.  The service was horrible and like I said, "Guy, you really blew this one, terrible choice!!!"  Better service and food at Taco Bell.
  6. anonymous
    9/8/2011 12:09:58 PM
    This was a great experience - We loved it! The staff were friendly and helpful, Cafeteria Style Service - but absolutely wonderful Mexican food. Lots of locals eating there. I'm telling all my snowbird friends to go there when they visit San Diego. -Ruby
  7. anonymous
    9/8/2011 12:09:26 PM
    This was a great experience - We loved it! The staff were friendly and helpful, Cafeteria Style Service - but absolutely wonderful Mexican food. Lots of locals eating there. I'm telling all my snowbird friends to go there when they visit San Diego.
  8. anonymous
    8/21/2011 10:35:18 PM
    Stopped when in the area, enjoyed the food the owner came out and talked to us made feel welcome. Very enjoyable.
  9. anonymous
    5/26/2011 6:46:04 PM
    Not the best Mexician food in the area!  The lady behind the till was too busy talking with the other staff to answer any questions so needless to say she got our order wrong.  The food had okay flavor but our experience was not great.  I won't go back.  There is a place in La Jolla that is way better with better service!
  10. anonymous
    5/2/2011 2:54:03 PM
    The place was busy but the food was just average and the flavors weren't that great. Cool that it's been there that long but there are better places to eat authentic mexican.
  11. anonymous
    4/24/2011 6:58:36 PM
    I have been eating here since I was a small child.  Food is always good!  Best thing is the hot of the chain tortillas with a bit of butter and salt!
  12. anonymous
    1/28/2011 3:24:18 AM
    Have to admit I was under-whelmed.  Not what you expect in San Diego.   I've had better mexican food in Joplin MO!
  13. anonymous
    1/25/2011 6:09:48 PM
    As a person who hates Mexican food, I have to say, the tortillas here are just flat out awesome.  We brought them home and I am a homemade tortilla fanatic now.
  14. anonymous
    1/17/2011 3:01:26 PM
    Very friendly staff, and delicious food.  The tortillas were perfect.  I had the Carnitas, and Carne Asado soft tacos - both were excellent!
  15. anonymous
    10/25/2010 6:21:42 PM
    While vacationing in San Diego, we stopped by El Indio.  I had the Pollo Asado.  The plate was generously portioned with beans, rice, pico de gallo and chicken.  3 warm, home made tortillas accompanied the plate. I added green salsa to the mix (the best I've had in a long time!) and was very pleased with my meal.  The tortilla chips that garnished the plate were a nice top off to the meal.
  16. anonymous
    10/25/2010 5:54:55 PM
    TOO much Hype, the food was adverage and dryed out.
  17. anonymous
    9/5/2010 11:48:58 AM
    Way over rated.   Not the best Mexican food in San Diego by a long shot.
  18. anonymous
    5/8/2010 2:39:30 PM
    Food was average. By Southern Califonia standards, this place comes in the middle somewhere. The staff was friendly and the place was clean, but the food just wasn't as good as I have come to expect.
  19. anonymous
    4/27/2010 1:49:55 PM
    El Indio is one of my favorite "fast food" type of Mexican Restaurants.  I don't live in San Diego anymore but anytime I get there El Indio is a must stop.
  20. anonymous
    1/23/2010 5:29:46 PM
    Pretty good but now worth the drive from East County.  Only go there when I am by the airport.
  21. anonymous
    1/10/2010 11:32:15 PM
    I used to go to this place 20 years ago.  Just went back and it is still top notch.  I had the carne asada buritto with guac.  You can't beat it.
  22. anonymous
    11/30/2009 1:49:13 PM
    We have been here several times since we saw it on the show.  The food is very good and the service is quick.  We have not had to wait very long to place out order every time we have gone.  We set across the street most of the time, but have also used the courtyard and both are very nice.  Very good mexican food.
  23. anonymous
    11/19/2009 1:11:35 PM
    I thought this was great mexican food.  I am from KY, so rarely get good, true, fresh Mexican, so I enjoyed this very much
  24. anonymous
    10/5/2009 1:07:16 AM
    Enchiladas and Tamales were OK.  I thought it was too expensive for average Mexican food.  i will stick to Roberto's Taco shop at Belmont Park on Mission Beach.  

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