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Jerseys Cafe CLOSED

820 E 116th Street Carmel, IN 46032
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Guy Fieri Eats (2)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • Meatballs and wheat bread chicken salad
  • Steak and meatball sub sandwich

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (24)

  • Posted by rlund23 March 2014

    Went to Jersey Cafe w/ family. Sooo Disappointed. Besides waiting 1 hr to be seated and then another 1 hr for our food to arrive, the food once delivered was nothing special. My wife went for lunch the month prior and i begged her to return as a family so I could try out a sandwhich. Have not been back since. Such a disappointment.

  • Posted by I eat for fun May 2013

    We stopped in today on our way through. Our waitress was pretty rude. The menu didn't show any sides when I asked she jumped down my throat barking "Bottom left top 4 lines" she did to everyone. She did explain all the meat was hand cut per order. So the wait was expected. Order cheese fries, I never met a french fry I didn't like until today. The CheeseWhiz was good, but never experienced fries so tasteless and tough. We ordered the 'Our Famous Wildwood Cheese Steak'. The flavor od the blue-cheese jusr over powered the entire sandwich. If you scraped most of it off the sandwich was outstanding. We also ordered the Spinach Egg-Plant sandwich. Good flavor but wasn't close to being hot. Two sandwiches two drinks were not worth the plus 30 bucks. Generally I'd give a place another chance; this place--NO WAY.

  • Posted by Tom Barry January 2013

    After my first time here I would say; The food was great. Portions huge. The staff was friendly. The owner was out to talk at each table when were there. He cared about if the food was good and the customer was satisfied. I plan on eating here often and would recommend Jersey's as a go to place to all my friends. After my experience here, I would say the negative reviews are unwarrented.

  • Posted by Kristina White November 2012

    Do NOT come here! Took 45 min to get barely warm messy food. Our drink order was lost and took 15 minutes for a drink. Don't waste your time!!

  • Posted by TripleD Roger September 2012

    Stopped in for a late lunch there last week. Not many people there, so we were seated right away. Waitress was friendly and took our order quickly. Took about 30 minutes to get our sandwiches, which I thought was way too long considering how busy they were (weren't). That being said, the food was really good. One of the better ruebens I've had.

  • Posted by Theresa Kaplon August 2012

    We went on a Sunday at lunch and the place was very busy. It was worth the wait because the food was delicious. The service was good and the portions were huge. We wished they sold T-shirts but they do not. Because it is small, people should be considerate of others when there is a line and eat their food and leave so a waiting party can sit down. Most people in the restaurant did so except for one table who thought it was a meeting room and appeared clueless. We definitely recommend the place. Really good chili cheese fries!

  • Posted by pickaname July 2012

    I went to Jersey's Cafe sometime in early 2012 with about 5 other people around 11 AM. When they took drink orders, they only had 1 can of Mello Yello on hand, so only one guy got to have one. The sandwiches were huge, but mine was bland and nothing special. I haven't gone back, and I don't plan to.

  • Posted by Over people like you July 2012

    Quit bitching and go to mcdonalds.

  • Posted by Melynda Allen Davis May 2012

    After seeing Jersey's Cafe on Diner's Drive In's and Dives we were so excited to have dinner here when we were on vacation in Indianapolis. The lady that seated us was polite and advised that we would have to wait a bit because they were a little busy and there was only 1 waitress. We were understanding, especially because we had a group of 10. The lady that seated us actually took our drink order. We were pleasantly surprised when the waitress got to our table within 5 minutes. She was sooo rude though. My step sister asked to have cheese on the side of her hotdog but they refused and said that there were no exceptions. You either order it with cheese or you can't have cheese at all...and she she didn't say this pleasantly by any means. She then proceeded to go through what on the menu they didn't have that day which was quite a bit. My sister in law ordered a bake potato and she stated she didn't know if they even had any potatoes but we'll wasn't stated pleasantly. My step sister walked up to another employee a few minutes later and asked politley if her daughter could please have some cheese on the side bc she wanted it but didn't want it on the side. The waitress overheard her and told the other employee to make an exception bc it was for a baby that woulnd't stop crying. How rude!! They stated that there was no way they would make an exception bc they didn't want to have to clean the cheese up off of the floor. After being there for over 15 minutes the waitres walked by and my step sister asked about our drinks that were ordered when we walked in and the waitress said she would get to them when she could. When my sister stated that we had been waiting for over 15 minutes the waitress snapped and said that 10 was too large a group and that we were lucky she even seated us bc they don't usually open up both sides of the restaurant and that we would just have to wait until she had time and walked away. We were so offended that we decided to go ahead and leave. As we got up she yelled at us and said..that's ok...i haven't put your order in anyways...we had been there 20 minutes! My husband tried to call and complain but they put the same waitres on the phone who said she didn't care if we wanted to complain bc we shouldn't have come in with such a large group of people. I've never been treated so poorly at any restaurant. I'm so disappointed. :(

  • Posted by R+W March 2012

    We love this place! My wife and I have been to dozens of DDD restaurants, and this one is one of the best! Great food and great service!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    This is a great diner!  The atmosphere is wonderful, very clean and the staff attentive.  The portions are huge and the food authentic.  My 11 year old picky nephew ordered a "hot dog" and didn't like it because it wasn't tasteless like he is use to and it had SNAP.  His loss, my husband said it was delicious! lol  The chicken salad was unbelievable.  My niece decided she loves jersey food!

  • Posted by Big Tool October 2011

    My wife believes that the chicken pecan salad sandwich is the best chix salad sand she's ever had. I thought my "Philadelphia" cheesesteak was pretty good for a Midwest restaurant. We were seated immediately and our waitress was very friendly and attentive. But we also arrived at 8:00 p.m. on a week night and there were very few other customers. Although the prices were a tad high, our meals had rather generous portions. The biggest drawback was the 100+ sandwich combinations listed out on the menu. I agree with Bill R. that they should just list the topping options... and, perhaps, list a few of their house "specialties."  Beware: The location is tucked back into a corner of a shopping mall away from the main highway. Its easily missed if your driving on US 31.

  • Posted by ohlacosteman August 2011

    Had the New Jersey Turnpike sandwich (i think thats what it was called) great bread sub roll, Basically a hot italian sub with banana peppers oh was it good. We had a reubin and it was good as was the philly style cheesesteak (they must have 20 types of cheesestakes and 100 different sandwiches). We all agreed the Jersey Turnpike was the best of the bunch, but then were from Ohio, so what'da we know! Definately going back.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    First timers today. We arrived a little after 1:00 PM and were seated immediately. We took at least 15 minutes to order and I think we waited about 30 minutes for our food, but loved it and will go back. There is not a good place in Indiana to get pastrami but I found one today!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    The food was good, not great. There was a lack of meat on all the sandwiches, but plenty of the extras. It took an hour and half to get our food and we watched 4 tables to get their food before us and we were set first. Wouldn't go back.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Unless you have almost 2 hours to get a cheese steak don't bother.. very OVER RATED.. very chees steak was terrible, my wifes was good.. total time to get sandwich was 1 3/4 hours, then time to eat. Got there 15 mins after they opened, took 30 minutes to take our order,1 hour and 15 mins to prepair.. rediculous. won't EVER go back..

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Poor service and Rude Owners! I think the owners are more in love with their food  than servicing their customers. If you don't mind waiting an hour+ for a sandwich that doesn't come the way you want it, they refuse for to change anything, than this is the place. Avoid this headache.

  • Posted by donna ellis May 2011

     Made a trip to Jersy's Cafe, We thought we would have to wait a long time but it wasn't long. there was five of us ,we had  the chili bowl ,two had the chicken salad, the philly cheesestrak and one loaded baked potato. it was all very good.

  • Posted by Bill Romano May 2011

    I have been going to this restaurant for almost 2 years now and it only recently has gotten extremely busy.  Being from Philly and knowing what a great cheesesteak should taste like, I have to say that They make a  very good one.  It would be considered a good cheesteak in Philly and it is by far the best you will get in Indiana.  Also, the Italian Roast Pork sandwich is fantastic (although they use spinach instead of broccoli rabe).  This is also the only place in the Indianapolis area that has Birch Beer and Tastykakes! Only drawback is the vast menu where they try to come up with a name for every possible combination of toppings for a cheesesteak.  A better option would be for them to list out the toppings and cheese and allow you to just choose what you want.

  • Posted by Dave Pearson April 2011

    Food was very good. Yes its a long wait but worth it. Went in on a Friday for lunch. Waited 35 minutes for a table. Food took a while also. total 1 hr 3o minutes..

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    The food is awesome here!!!  True east coast food!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    They had just aired on the food network.  What did you expect? 

  • Posted by Local1978 March 2011

    This was the slowest place I have ever been to.  from the point I walked in to getting my food was 1hr and 20min.    And the food is not worth the wait

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011 is under construction and will be ready by air date.

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