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The Tamale Place

5242 Rockville Road Indianapolis, IN 46224
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Guy Fieri Eats (1)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • - Beef with Red Sauce Tamale. - Apple with Pecan Tamale.

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (16)

  • Posted by August 2020

    Email from a fan, posted by Rick & Jenn ... Apparently according to one of the ladies there (no one wears name tags) it wasnt shrimp tamales because they "have never had them on the menu". Very disappointed because that is what I really wanted. If you want any tamales at all you have to get there early because by 5pm on a saturday night they are out. We were able to get 1 chicken and one steak, nice size but needs more flavor. Steak nachos.... ok but cheese was runny tasted watered down and black beans are from a can. If you eat authentic you know when they are authentic. In my opinion... this restaurant needs to be removed from Guys list and should have his pictures removed. This experience makes me not want to use any places off this list for future.

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2012

    We arrived for a very late lunch on a very busy weekend, so they were begining to run out of their freshly-made tamales. I got the steak tacos and the spicy chix tamale wrapped in a banana leaf, and my wife had steak and chicken tamales with the mild sauces. We also got a couple pumpkin and pinepapple/raisin tamales for breakfast the next day. We liked the food a lot. Its was tasty and authentic.
    Because its just off of I-465 we'll keep it mind for quick lunch stops when we pass through Indy.

  • Posted by throttleit July 2012

    Great Diners Drive ins and Dives recommendation! The steak tacos are awesome! The Chicken Verde tamale is Sooooo good! Just the right amount of heat. I can't wait to try another one, but they are so huge, one is enough.... for now!I am from Chicago and happened to be in Indy on business, so I bought 9 different tamales, put them in my Whole Foods insulated bag and 4 hours later, when I got home, they were still as hot as they were when I put them in. I may have to work in Indy more often!

  • Posted by Scott June 2012

    This place was great! We tried two of the vegetarian tamales and a chicken taco. Everything was good. Service was good too. Easy to get to off the interstate. Yum!

  • Posted by pricing_queen May 2012

    I was not impressed with the place at all. I want a good tamale, I'll look for the food trucks parked in little Mexico.

  • Posted by Robb March 2012

    This place is FANTASTIC. The people who don't like this place don't like authentic Mexican food. They need to stick to Taco Bell. The Steak Tacos are a can't miss - tender pieces of marinated steak are grilled, plies of cheese are placed on the grill and melted until it starts to get a little crunchy around the edges. Homemade corn tortillas are placed over the combination of meat and cheese. Served with a homemade sauce, salsa or pico de gallo of your choice. AWESOME! The Tamales - the chips and salsa are a hit, too. If you want flavor - then you need to come here. But arrive early! They only have a limited number of tamales everyday - when they're gone....they're gone.

  • Posted by Nikki February 2012

    Poblano tamale is fantastic. Masa has perfect texture. Save room for the homemade chips and salsa!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Awesome place but I want to see a repete of the show.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    This place rocks!!! I'm from out of town and I've tried the steak tacos and their chocolate desert tamale. The meal was mindblowingly good. I recommend this place to EVERYONE who comes to Indy! :-D

  • Posted by bill January 2012

    anyone who doesn't love this place either doesn't know tamales or screwed up their order! lots of options, so you need to know how it works to oder the best tamale for your taste!

  • Posted by Chris R. December 2011

    My family and I were traveling through Indianapolis and stopped in for a bite. The tamales weren't very flavorful and the home made chips that they served were thick and difficult to eat. My children aren't picky eaters, but they wouldn;t eat it and i ended up going elsewhere to feed them. It was a nice atmosphere and the place was busy, so someone aparently likes eating there, just not us. Unless you are feeling adventurous when it comes to a meal, i would suggest passing on this place. It was rather disappointing.

  • Posted by LEE October 2011

    THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!! Love all the spicy tamales and the desserts  are awesome!  but I love the taco's most of all,from the breakfast egg and chorizo to the chipotle chicken.iI go there as much as i can.

  • Posted by Chris G August 2011

    We live about 3 miles from The Tamale Place and never realized such a Diamond in the rough that it was! The tamales are outstanding and as well they offer great steak nacho's, torta's and taco's! The Desserts are awesome as well!! Since seeing this on Triple D we eat there one to two times a week! Thank You to all the staff as well as there are always willing to help you and the facility is always clean! 8-)

  • Posted by stefanie July 2011

    Gross! My husband and I traveled two hours to try a tamale and it was not worth it. We were in Indianapolis for the weekend and had planned on visiting Tamale more than once but once was all we could take. They pulled the tamale out of a tote bin! I couldn't finish my food. Big disappointment and I did leave hungry.

  • Posted by Dave Pearson April 2011

    Always great! Everything on the menu is good!!! Great Service...good value! You will never leave hungry! Just be there before 6 pm or all of the tamale's are gone...  (Ask about day old Tamale's for 1$ WOW!)

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    This place has some good tamales. They are made from scratch everyday.

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