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Charlie Parker's

700 North Street Springfiled, IL 62704
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Guy Fieri Eats (2)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • Horseshoe Sandwich
  • Horseshoe Sandwich

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (15)

  • Posted by mlsweeney August 2013

    Just went here today with the family. A very solid experience and the price was very affordable. I got a breakfast shoe with ham, eggs over-easy, and potato chunks. The cheese sauce was amazing. It is so light and creamy which really makes the shoe what it is. I got to try a few bites of the 16 inch pancake as well. Solid pancake but nothing outstanding. I'd still order it though. My only complaint with the shoe was the eggs weren't exactly over-easy. They were kinda runny but I don't think that made the shoe bad. Overall, it was a great experience and I would go again. 8.3/10

  • Posted by Hoosier Josh January 2013

    I have been there twice now. Once on family recommendations and then again after DDD visited. Both times were out of this world. The feature a Springfield original, the Horseshoe, which if you've never had one you should. Essentially they top a hot ham sandwich with fries and cheese sauce. And its a lot to eat! So order one for you and a friend, and dig in.
    The decor in the Hangar is fun and inventive, and the atmosphere is always lively (because they're always packed!), and the service is friendly and quick. It's also easy on the wallet!
    You can expect to wait no matter when you go, but it's very much worth it!

  • Posted by Cory April 2012

    The decor was classic fifties. The food left something to be desired. I ordered a pork chop which I am sure it was ham, and very much over grilled. My friend mv ordered the pony which is layers of Toast, egg, hash browns, cheese sauces (which tasted like it was right out of a can) the entire meal felt like no seasoning was used. As for the services. Well well... you find your own seat the someone hands you a menu that you hardly open then they want your order, when for a minute that is exactly what you get is 60seonds then they are back not allowing you to review the menu. When the food came we actually when to wait station and got our own silverware which was right above a sign that said " dumb waiter station" they were right..Been been to better places. The T-shirt was the best thing about the visit

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Drive there take a picture of the hut, go inside and see your standard 50s diner decor and leave. The food was mediocre, tepid fries on a cheez whiz covered hamburger = horseshoe. Also got a open-faced roast beef and gravy which turned cold very quickly. The place is packed but I presume it's tradition.

  • Posted by Big Tool June 2011

    I loved my breakfast plate- biscuits and gravy. My wife enjoyed her ham horseshoe. I tried some of the horseshoe but thought that it was just "okay." The breakfast plates are huge but inexpensive. The quality of the wait saff, though, is potluck. The waitresses over 30 years old are typically phenominal whereas those under 21 all seem like they want to be someplace else. I concur with Jeff West... if I want a horseshoe I'll stick with with the nearby D'Arcy's.  Warning: The business is off the main drag and kind of hard to find without a GPS device or Mapquest directions.

  • Posted by stlcardsfans05 June 2011

    Fantastic service. Great prices! Fed 2 adults and 4 teenagers for $67! Food was fresh and hot and flavorful. Everyone had leftovers because the portions were huge!

  • Posted by Jeff West May 2011

    DDD missed this one. Darcy's Pint (sits right behind Charlie Parkers) has a much better horseshoe!!!

  • Posted by DRGolob April 2011

    We just had lunch and it was everything you promised.  My husband had the tenderloin horseshoe and I had their new chili cheeseburger horseshoe.  The chili was really good!  We left stuffed and happy.

  • Posted by Christian February 2011

    the best horse shoe omelet I have ever had in my life I highly recommend it  to anyone who likes huge food! 

  • Posted by Sundancer January 2011

    Lived in Springfield all my life, pushing 50 yrs. Charlies Parkers is good, but Darcy's pint put them to shame. Guy should come back and try Darcy's horseshoe or anything else on the horseshoes ever!

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2010

    We live in Springfield, Illinois and just went to lunch at Charlie Parkers today. We love eating there and their lunch food is just as good as their breakfast food. Try their 'mr kelley special' next time you go in AND their BlueBerry casserole (for breakfast.) You'll love the. For lunch, their tenderloin sandwich is DA BOMB!!! Love having a wonderful eating establishment with such charm so close to our home.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Yeah, we had the shoe!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!  If you're in Springfield you gotta stop by!  Hidden from the main street, and it's small, but a great dining experience with excellent food and great service!

  • Posted by Lin June 2010

    FUN and good food. People were nice, foor was good and it is just a fun place.

  • Posted by bandsmom January 2010

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie parkers The breakfast shoe is The Bomb My oly complaint is its a hour away I would Love to have lunch there but I cant get over the YUMMY breakfast!!!!!DO GOOOOOO!

  • Posted by Jimmy T. May 2009

    Just went there today all the way from Chicago. Awesome breakfast!!  The pancakes are awesome, and the biscuits and gravy is delicious!!   Most affordable breakfast ever!!!

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