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The Barking Dog Cafe CLOSED

115 E 49th Street Indianapolis, IN 46205
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  • Posted by Lady of Adventure April 2014

    The food was delicious, the decor was cute, the staff was nice but the prices were a little high for the portions. All things considered I would go back again.

  • Posted by Angie October 2012

    I can't, for the life of me, understand the negative comments. Have any of the people who complained about the prices ever been out to eat? It's not any worse than any other restaurant. And, the owner was VERY friendly. She came over to talk to us several times throughout our meal. The food was excellent and the size of the place is completely on par for an independently owned restaurant. Hasn't anyone ever seen how small many of these places featured on DDD are? We had a friend recommend this place and we will be back.

  • Posted by justjoan October 2012

    My son goes to Butler Univ, just a couple of blocks away. So, we have been to the barking dog several times. Sometimes the service is great, sometimes it is extremely slow (not enough staff to handle heavy dinner crowds). But, the food is always awesome. Check out their weekly specials. I have never had anything that wasn't extremely delicious. My son's fave is still the BLT. Love this place!

  • Posted by Dave July 2012

    I have been there twice both time the clam chowder was very good and I had the BLT both times . First time very little bacon second time it was good.
    Parking is a problem and it's a little pricey but good

  • Posted by Pookiegg May 2012

    This was the first time we have eaten there and I find the negative comments disturbing. The service was very good, the owner came over and chatted with us, very pleasant. Yes it was a little pricey but what isn't these days. The food was unique and very tasteful. We would definitely go back. Very colorful decor, someone sure likes purple.

  • Posted by Guest March 2012

    Agree you do not get what you paid for.  The place is VERY small, staff not friendly, parking is hard to find.  Next time I will read the reviews first. =-O :(

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    as someone who used to work there, trust me, that woman is rude and these reviews are not ignorant or biased. i unfortunately had to witness many of these instances first-hand, scary and sad, but very true. go for the food, but don't expect to have the greatest customer service, and definitely don't eat here if you're lightofheart. 

  • Posted by Guest January 2012

    Pam. Obviously all online reviews are 100% unbiased and correct. It's all about perception and I perceive that you are ignorant and stupid. How about visiting the place before you review it. And btw most " Iraqi war vets" are not war vets. Real vets don't make sure you know they are vets. They serve humbly. So. Since this place has great food it is busy and sometimes servers are over sat. Therefore they can occasionally seemed rushed. They mean no offense but if u complain then obviously this owners wife is going to discipline them because u made it sound like the employee spit in your food. Every negative review for this place seems overly ignorant and totally biased. Go here. It's good

  • Posted by Chris September 2011

    We took our dogs to the Barking Dog and we had a fabulous time! Worth the wait for an outdoor table. Our Mini Goldendoodles loved their platter of food and visiting with the patrons, human and canine, at the restaurant. Thanks for letting us know about this treasure!

  • Posted by Pam Maas-Maciak July 2011

    >:oAfter watching the show on Barking Dog Cafe I wanted to read their menu and check out reviews. What I found was disturbing...while the food was good and usually over priced, the bulk of the reviews always referred back to the wife of the owner. Apparently she is extremely rude to all customers, but the most disturbing was how she treated an Iraqi War Veteran. I was stunned by all the bad reviews all due to this woman. You can be sure I will never frequent this food is that good to put up with her verbal abuse. It's a shame because the menu looks fabulous! :'(

  • Posted by Pam June 2011

    After DD&D, we had to visit. We had a great meal. The Clam chowder was wonderful. We got a cup, then turned around and ordered a bowl. The clams were so tender, and it was full of them. We also had the fried clam dinner and the shrimp roll. Again the clams were so tender and tasty. I've never had fresh clams before. It made all the difference. Everything was yummy. The prices are a little higher than what you might pay somewhere else. But, if you're tired of mediocre food, then try the Barking Dog Cafe. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients. The taste will tell you. I'm frankly tired of spending good money on canned, frozen crappy food. I will go back just for the clam chowder. The owner Mary Beth was really lovely. We enjoyed chatting with her. We will return, Pam from Bainbridge :-D

  • Posted by Guest May 2011

    Overall the food is too expensive for what you get.  The outdoor seating is crappy. Our waiter was walking away from us and explaining the specials.  I had to ask him to come back to the table and repeat everything. The one redeeming point: the clam chowder was REALLY good.  but not worth $5 for such a small bowl of it.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    I've never been to a place where the owner(?) talks to her staff like Barking Dog Sh!t in front of guests.  Ridiculous.  The food was alright but the atmosphere was VERY uncomfortable.

  • Posted by Milo March 2011

    I had the Bark Lard BLT...OUTSTANDING!!!  They cure their own bacon which has a lot of flavors going on without covering up the tast of the pork and serve it with a homemade tomato jam that really compliments and ties the sandwich together!  We thought the prices weere right in line with the quality of the food and the owner is really nice as well.  We'll hit this one again!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Food was way over priced for what you got and nothing was all that special.  Average at best with a poor rating for the price.

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