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Garifuna Flava

2516 W 63rd Street Chicago, IL 60629
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  • Posted by mlsweeney June 2022

    I had the Panades for an appetizer and Split Peas & Pigtail Soup for a side. The Panades were so delicious and the vegetable sauce it came with paired well with it. The Split Peas & Pigtail Soup was great but I wasn't a fan of the actual pigtail (the rest of the soup was excellent). My main dish was the jerk chicken wings and they were probably my favorite part of the meal. After we left we ordered some caramel cake and the worker heated it up for us before we left. It was so sweet and delicious. I will definitely be going again. 8.2/10

  • Posted by gary scheidecker February 2012

    we dined there last night the wait staff very helpful when we told them we had never ate there. I had chix & conch soup mmmm,she had shrimp wich was excellant.I tried a Beliken beer very good.Off street parking we ed go back.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    I used to dine here often with my aunt when I lived in Chicago. Must admit, I would have to drive for about two hours from the northern suburb of Waukegan, Il. But, the drive and wait - at times - were worth it. The food is absolutely spectacular.   

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Garifuna Flava has a website:

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