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The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant

714 Saint Peter Street New Orleans, LA 70116
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  • Green bean casserole

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Reviews (16)

  • Posted by Maverism June 2014

    From a Fan named Ron: Closes early if business was ahead. Very disappointed!

  • Posted by Naresh Narain January 2013

    Definitely try the bread pudding it is great

  • Posted by Naresh Narain January 2013

    Checked this place out despite the reviews below. Great food, drinks and service. Did not have a single issue. But I think considering some of these reviews the crowd was not there at 5pm on a Sun afternoon

  • Posted by DDD lover from Minnesota July 2012

    Found this DDD by accident. We were on a DDD roadtrip from Minnesota. The service was horrilbe and the food was nothing to do a show on. Do not waist your time.

  • Posted by Lovrun May 2012

    It was terrible it took about half an hour to get our first meal! All I can say is it's not the best place to go if you don't have patients

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    slowest service ever... total waste of time

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    Been to 6 DDD places, worse one so for

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    ate our first meal in new orleans @ the old coffee pot and i was NOT impressed at ALL

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    TERRIBLE!! :'( :( :'( :'( :'

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    This restaurant had THE WORST SERVICE. It took 15 minutes to get coffee. another full 10 minutes before we could order, and MORE THAN 30 MINUTES FOR BREAKFAST FOOD. After the staff refused to acknowledge us or refill my coffee for more than 20 minutes we had to walk out. I felt bad because it was the first restaurant I have ever walked out of, but nobody on the staff seemed to care about any of the tables at all. Despite only having about 8 tables per section the servers moved slowly and nonchalantly and didn't have any interest in their patrons at all. I am a server myself, and this place had THE WORST service I've ever seen in my life. 30 minutes after ordering and being ignored me and my girlfriend had to walk out before our food came. Apparently the food is good, but the service is so bad it isn't worth it. PLEASE don't support a restaurant that treats its customers so badly. I'll rate the food well based on the other reviews, but don't bother with trying to eat here because it's expensive and definitely not worth it.

  • Posted by paulv March 2012

    Took more than an hour to get our food, ordered crawfish etouffee over pasta, got 2 crawfish tails and some brownish sauce over rice (tasted like crap), was told crawfish are out of season, ordered an oyster po boy, it was delivered to the next table, waitress was never around, when she did come back she reeked of cigarette smoke.  There's a reason this place was dead and the place next door was packed:  Service and food suck.

  • Posted by Tom D January 2012

    Food atmosphere, and serving staff - excellent.  In most cities, I would put this as a neighborhood place --and a damned good one

  • Posted by Tom D January 2012

    Food atmosphere, and serving staff - excellent.  In most cities, I would put this as a neighborhood place --and a damned good one

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    This was the first DDD place we've tried. We went at about 3:00 which may have been a mistake. The place looked pretty and clean but the atomosphere was blah. The server seemed disinterested in us. Which was strange since we were one of only 3 tables. The lunch menu was pretty limited. Service was ridiculously slow. The food wasn't great. The jambalaya was good. The fried things had no flavor at all. It was a very underwhelming experience. Not a great way to kick of DDD dining!

  • Posted by Southern_belle July 2011

    Idk what the other person is talking about, but the chef here is amazing, I'm not a person who likes very much food, I'm very picky and I would try anything the chef here made. The Jambalaya was especially good, yum! :-D

  • Posted by Rm June 2011

    Very disappointing. Packaged foods. Stale bread. Watery gumbo with no discernible seafood pieces. Take it off the go-to list. Pricey and crummy. :(

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