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Big & Littles CLOSED

860 N. Orleans Chicago IL. 60610
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  • Posted by mlsweeney August 2018

    I've been to the sister location in Lake View before and it was really good. I had the Fish & Chips there. I finally decided to make it an official Triple D visit and visit the original. The Lake View location didn't have Foie Gras & Fries and it seemed to get the best reaction from Guy so I had that. It was absolutely fantastic! I took a bite of the Foie Gras first by itself and it was delicious but then I decided to jump in and combine with the fries. It sounds disgusting but the combo actually put it on another level. I'll probably never have it again because of animal cruelty (I researched after I ate) but the taste is so incredible to at least have once in your life. 9.4/10

  • Posted by Jamie July 2012

    I visited their new location this past week and it was pretty good. Not so sure it was a deal. The fish and chips was $15. The piece of fish is big but not worth the money, in my opinion. We also had the pork belly PO boy. The serving wasn't nearly as much as they gave Guy but it was still very good. The staff was nice but. Won't stop there again, once was enough for me.

  • Posted by DDD Fan May 2012

    In town for NRA show. I spent hours researching highly rated DDD spots on this website and visited Big and Littles because it was highly rated on this website. I was very disappointed.  Food was very average. Restaurant was disgustingly unclean. Windows dirty, tables dirty.

  • Posted by frankie d. December 2011


  • Posted by Kim November 2011

    Kamakazi Ahi Burger is AMAZING!!!!!!!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    fish n chips cost.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    all I am going to say is squid po-boy

  • Posted by Larry August 2011

    The Samaurai Whitefish Taco is UNREAL! Its a special item so hurry. I hope it stays forever. 

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Loved it! had t he mahi taco - excellent!

  • Posted by johnny July 2011


  • Posted by Heather July 2011

    The bbq fried pork tenderloin Poyboy is a must have! The fried tilapia taco is just AWESOME! Go before the lines come!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011


  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Get the fried fish taco and fried squid taco! DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    I visited Big and Littles. They told me that when Guy was there he had the Fried Pork Belly Po Boy, fish and chips and foie grais and fries. I had the Pork Belly Po Boy and it was delish!

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    AWESOME! My favorite in Chicago. BEST fish & chips EVER

  • Posted by ChiLady March 2011

    This place is amazing. I was obsessed with the regular ($3) fish tacos. Today I ordered food for me and a friend. Aforementioned fish tacos for me and shrimp po' boy and truffle fries for friend. Friend canceled after I ordered, so I ate her food and threw my tacos in the fridge. The po' boy was AMAZING! It might be my new favorite meal. That was six hours ago and I just pulled a fish taco from the fridge and ate it. It was still delicious. The food is simple, but it is unbelievable. In one month I've been there four times and I have not eated at any other restaurants!

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