Harvey's Hot Dogs CLOSED

3205 Stamford Road Portsmouth, VA 23703
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Guy Fieri Eats (2)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • chicken and dumplings
  • He is also eating a chili dog at the end of the show

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

Reviews (4)

  • Posted by redirish May 2014

    as of oct. 2013 harvey's hotdogs is ut of busness :( .

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2012

    best damned bread pudding in the world :-D

  • Posted by Harvey March 2012

    This place is great!  Glad that it is still around after all these years....Almost 40 years!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    This place is horrible!!

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