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The Beach Pub

1001 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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  • Posted by Jason Heward September 2013

    Not on the beach, not really a pub. My wife and I were excited to try our first DDD spot since moving to VA, boy were we dissapointed. The decor inside was dull and run down, the service was terrible and the food was nothing to talk about. This place should be avoided if at all possible. There are so many good seafood places in the area that blow this waste of space out of the water!

  • Posted by June 2013

    **Guy got this one wrong, Triple D has lost all street cred by recommending it!** I'm not sure when this place was visited by Guy but they should remove it from their list so that no one else makes the mistake of going here again. When you're on a short weekend getaway the last thing you need is a nasty meal like this one to waste your time and money. Not sure what this "fritter thing" was made of but it didn't taste like food. Place was dirty and tables were sticky.

  • Posted by Momof3 August 2012

    The food is ABSOLUTELY horrible. Yuck! What a disappointment.

  • Posted by Jo C. August 2012

    Went there for dinner with my daughter son-in-law and grandson. We were on vacation and read that this restaurant was on Diners,Drive Ins and Dives.
    They had no baked potatoes and no tuna for a casedia. My daughters shrimp were dirty and way over cooked. I had all you can eat grouper which was very fishy and not at all tasty. Very dissapointed to say the least.

  • Posted by Amanda L. August 2012

    After seeing it on DDD, my fiance and I stopped in. I had fried fish, which is a simple dish by any standards and it was AWFUL! My fish was so overcooked that it was like chewing rubber. I was pregnant at the time, so my fiance had to take me to Wendy's afterwards because I was nearly in tears at how horrible it was and I was still starving. We both quickly agreed that we'll NEVER go back.

  • Posted by Sheryl July 2012

    My family, friends and I have been loving The Beach Pub's steamed shrimp for more than 25 years! It's simply the best! I especially like to order at the newly updated bar, where you can enjoy the shrimp, chat with the locals and watch your favorite sporting events... Redskins & golf for me!

  • Posted by Mike July 2012

    Don't bother.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    They have awesome crab cakes!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    I agree. I stopped going there because the food and service were both bad! To make matters worse, the waitress got nasty and they wouldn't do anything to correct the problem when breakfast was cold and the egg whites were still clear.

  • Posted by Carol O November 2011

    About the only things consistent about the pub is cold food and poor service. Guy didn't comment on the clam fritters because they taste like paste with hot sauce. The best thing I can say about Pub is they make a decent Bloody Mary. If I wanted to prepare my food I would stay home not go there and have fish hash. Which BTW was only added to the menu for DDD!

  • Posted by Ashley Dennis October 2011

    The Rock Fish Sandwich is the best . My husband would eat there every day if we let him . There fresh brewed sweet tea is a must try . If your in Va Beach it's a great local place to check out.

  • Posted by Cindy Manning June 2011

    My family has been eating at the Beach Pub for so many years. Every birthday celebration and alot of family events took place at the Beach Pub! I even worked there as a waitress many years ago. The Beach Pub is dependable for good food. That's it! You can't go anyway else that isn't over priced in Virginia Beach. It does lack atmosphere, but knowing you will get a great meal at a reasonable price with pretty good service is hard to bet at Virginia Beach. My brother-in-law is a regular!! I support the Beach Pub! The Soft Shell Crabs Rock!

  • Posted by verner June 2011

    I love this place. The seafood is so FRESH!!! Crabmeat omlette is my husbands favorite. Mine is the homemade chicken spring rolls. The prices are awsome and the service was fast and very friendly. Definetly will be back again and again!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    The Beach Pub is a local's place in a tourist town. It is known for great local seafood at reasonable prices. Soft shells, shrimp, scallops, and fish simply prepared and delicious. The fried seafood is very thinly battered and not greasy at all.

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