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Peaceful Restaurant

532 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9
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Guy Fieri Eats (4)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • Handmade Noodles
  • Cold Noodles
  • Try the Beef Roll
  • Pan fried dumplings

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (3)

  • Posted by shellczu January 2014

    You can't beat a homemade noodle! I took the advice of the Peaceful House Noodle Stir Fry. Also, the beef rolls are so tasty with the perfect combination of soft/crispy textures and sweet/savory flavors. Thanks DDD for making a visit so we could experience a real Chinese noodle house!

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    The food here is exceptional! If you don't know what to order get the hand tossed house noodles that has a little of everything. The Beef Rolls are fantastic, and so it the "Thousand chili chicken". Not a fancy place, but great food. So fresh!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    we went to check it and the location was really dirty, the food not even acceptable so I don't know what's so special at this "restaurant". I would not recommended to anybody.

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