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5010 Newport Avenue Ocean Beach, CA 92107
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Known for its delicious burgers and laid-back atmosphere and located just steps from the beach, this casual eatery has been a favorite among locals and tourists alike for decades. Founded in 1969 by "Hodad" Mike Hardin, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for its massive burgers, which are made with fresh, locally-sourced beef and topped with a wide variety of delicious ingredients. In addition to their famous burgers, Hodad's also offers a range of sandwiches, salads, and sides, making it a great option for vegetarians and those looking for something lighter. But the real draw of Hodad's is its laid-back, surfer-inspired atmosphere. The walls of the restaurant are covered in surf memorabilia and vintage posters, giving it a fun, nostalgic vibe. The outdoor patio, which is dog-friendly, is a great spot to relax and enjoy a burger while soaking up the sunshine and people-watching. Despite its popularity, Hodad's has managed to retain its small-town charm and friendly, laid-back vibe. The staff are all incredibly friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is always lively and energetic. In short, Hodad's is a must-visit for anyone visiting Ocean Beach. Whether you're a local looking for a tasty burger or a tourist in search of a true California experience, you won't be disappointed. So head on down to Hodad's and see for yourself why this beloved restaurant has been a staple of the Ocean Beach community for over 50 years.

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Reviews (14)

  • Posted by tfierro July 2012

    Decided to take a 2 1/2 hour trip to San Diego to eat at Hodad's. Was so worth the drive there, cute little community. The burgers were amazing and the onion rings were some of the best we have ever had. Great little place.

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    Killer burgers and the onion rings are to die for. Make sure you hit the Ocean Beach location, it's the real deal. And don't be discouraged by the lineup, it's worth the wait!

  • Posted by abraun011 January 2011

    Never disappoints.  When the kids are home from college, Hodad's is a must!

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    One of the best burger joints I have ever been to.  The onion rings are top rate.  I would say this  that Hodad's is the second best burger I have ever had.  Have a little place in Maui that still kicks every other place to the ground. Hodad's is just so hard to get into now a real bummer.  It is still one of the best people watching places around though.

  • Posted by martin K. July 2010

    ate there and it was one of the most killer burgers ever. The bacon cheeseburger just jumps with cheese and bacon. One of the best ever and the frings were great too.....

  • Posted by Linda Z. July 2010

    Our trip to Ocean Beach would not be the same without at least two visits to Hodads.  The atmosphere is fun, noisy and laid back and the bacon cheeseburger is the best.  Looking forward to our August 2010 trip!!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    they seemed like regular burgers to me. i ordered the bacon cheeseburger because it looked so amazing on ddd w/guy.... mmmmm mediocre at best. i couldnt find my patty of bacon like they talked about... next visit to san diego, i wont be going back to Hodads...  

  • Posted by Andrew DeCelles May 2010

    Not a family joint, lots of riff-raff, loud  speed surf metal music that makes you want to eat fast and get out, While waiting in line my son was bombed by a constipated pigeon who finally got relief, Burgers were good though.

  • Posted by mark May 2010

    Double Bacon Cheeseburger, frings & a cold beer!!! AMAZING!!

  • Posted by FatBob January 2010

    Double Bacon Cheeseburger was the best!

  • Posted by chipnyuma November 2009

    The food was very good and the atmosphere was also fun.  The place is small and there was a pretty long wait when we went there.  It would be worth it to wait until they are not so busy to check it out.  We will go back if we find a shorter line.

  • Posted by silverjay57 September 2009

    The Bacon Cheeseburger was AWESOME!! Took my co-workers by on a Sunday, yeah the lines was out the door around the corner!! Went back on Wednesday, and only waited 5 minutes to sit down. Terrific!! And the onion rings were terrific!

  • Posted by Duke 65 September 2009

    Oh My God Whata Burger, Better be hungry if you order the double bacon cheeseburger

  • Posted by Guest July 2009

    Work for Guy and he sent us here to eat not only is the food amazing but the vibe is cool too!! Ask to talk to Mike or "bossman" he is the dude with the plan!

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