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4408 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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  • Posted by [email protected]April 21, 2014

    The chicken in butter lettuce wraps were awesome, as was the seafood chowder.

  • Posted by terrytheloonJune 17, 2013

    that chicken sandwich was awesome, and when i was there a few weeks ago, they had fresh strawberry shortcake that i would very happily commit a felony on a dare, if that was my pay off! the duck bbq which was a special on the day i went, was sweet, and smokey with a subtle heat. it was served with fluffy, and buttery sweet potato biscuits that served as the perfect vehicle to get the succulent duck into my face.

  • Posted by EddJuly 10, 2012

    I want (need:-) the recipe for the peach chutney chicken salad. Can anyone help me?

  • Posted by MikeJuly 02, 2012

    Absolutely terrific. Peach shortcake. WOW

  • Posted by Barbie McDanielMay 14, 2012

    We ate there on Saturday and loved it. Great food, great produce, great gift shop and great atmosphere!

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