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Traffic Jam and Snug CLOSED

511 W. Canfield Street Detroit, MI 48201
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  • Posted by May 2022

    Sad news as Traffic Jam & Snug in Detroit, MI has burnt down today, here is the article

  • Posted by mlsweeney November 2013

    Went there last weekend and had a good experience. I ordered the beef brisket panini and thought it was decent. It didn't blow me away but it had a nice taste for the price. I went on a Friday night so there was absolutely no wait for a table and the service was very quick as well. The waiter treated me very well so overall I had a good time there. I wouldn't make a huge trip just to go here if I were you, but if you are in the Detroit area then I suggest checking this place out. 7.9/10

  • Posted by Wendi Johnson Davis January 2013

    Went there with some friends this past weekend. There was no wait to get a table. There was, what seemed like a long time, wait for food. But the food was great! I ordered the BBQ Brisket. It was great.

  • Posted by Gary Parker September 2012

    My wife and I are big fans of “Triple D”. we live just outside Windsor, Ontario so when
    we watched TJ’s in Detroit we knew we needed to “check it out” now where did I hear that before. I had the
    smoked Turkey Reuben but as I am not a lover of sauerkraut I ask them to leave
    it off. My wife decided to have the Brisket Pennie sandwich, so we could each
    try both. Man was the Turkey Reuben ever
    good. We both really enjoyed it. We also though the Brisket Pennie was great. But
    one thing was for sure we could not eat all of it. TJ’s good job – we will be
    back. The Rev. Gary and Joan Parker

  • Posted by Kim s September 2012

    Good food ! Terrible service!

  • Posted by Larson_richard June 2012

    FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! Visited the weekend of the Belle Isle Grand Prix (6/1-6/3/2012).  Had the portabella soup, crab cake appetizer, BBQ brisket panini, sweet potato fries, and some triple chocolate thingy for dessert.  Ordered only one entree (my wife and I)to taste as many items as possible.  everything delectable, including the side dish of potato salad with the brisket!  Would that we lived closer (Chicago suburbs) so that we could go more often.  Neat neighborhood and atmosphere inside.  Hard to believe some negative comments listed; must remember that food enjoyment is a MATTER OF TASTE!

  • Posted by RandomG February 2012

    Got a table as soon as we walked in. Didn't wait long for the food. The whole restaurant had a nice charm to it. The food was amazing!! And I couldn't resist a couple cookies on the way out. We would make the 8 hr drive just to eat here! Will definitely be back. Awesome place to dine!! :-D

  • Posted by Vicki P January 2012

    my family and I drove from Columbus Ohio to go to the Detroit Auto show and was thrilled to see that this restraunt was that close. the decor was basically what I expected we waited in line for 40 minutes (not too bad) but waited for our food 2 hours once seated. the waiters tried to bring us someone elses order 3 different times.. it seemed like the right hand didn't know what the left had was doing. they never did bring out my husbands salad still charging for it after they were told the burger was cold and to compensate for this fiasco the waiter did bring out sea salt carmel ice cream for free ... yum this was the best thing on the table that day ... as good as the ice cream was...we won't be back

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    Ate there this weekend.  Loved the atmosphere.  Loved the food.  Tried the brisket pannini..yum.  Worth the drive.  Will be back. 

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    I actually had a great experience at this restaurant! We ordered the Ms Natural Crepe (really fresh ingredients like spinach, cheeses, etc) and the Black Bean Burrito (which was a great combo of flavors and again, really fresh tasting). I can only assume that other complaints could be the time in which they visited? I am under the impression this restaurant uses local produce and you cant expect the best quality summer fruits in the middle of winter in Michigan. I would think supporting other area businesses, farmers, and Detroiters would count for somethng...

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    As we explained to this guest-- Hello.  Just visited your place for lunch today (1-2-12) and was  quite disappointed.  Watched Triple D a few days ago and was  excited to see a place not too far away for us to go to.  So, today  my husband and I drove 40 minutes into Detroit to check out two of  your featured items from the show. My husband ordered the brisket and I ordered the pork loin salad.   I was told that they weren't sure there was enough dressing.  The  waiter went to check and came back with yes there was dressing, but  no fruit for the salad. What? I didn't understand why you would be  out of a featured item just mentioned on national television.  I  ordered the jam burger instead. The food was fine, but then I wanted to purchase bread and cheese.   The selection for both was small so we just bought a cookie. Needless to say, our trip to the Traffic Jam and Snug for the items  mentioned on Triple D really aren't worth mentioning again.  Sorry. Sincerely, Laura Ent Ann Arbor, MI Hi Laura, Possibly due to the holiday, we STILL today do not have the quality  of fresh fruit for that salad that we ordered or want to serve.   I  certainly apologize for that. We are low on cheese because the milk supply in Michigan is limited  this time of year, and we had a very busy holiday season, selling  most of our reserves. Baked goods were low because we were closed on Sunday, and did not  want a large quantity of a perishable  product sitting unsold.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    I wish I had read the other comments before we did make the "special trip" to TJ's. My husband ordered the brisket pannini - it was so so. I ordered the pork loin salad - they were out of fruit so I just got the jam burger - again so so. I wanted to buy bread or cheese, but the selection was very limited. I settled for a big cookie - trashed it when we got home from the 40 minute drive there. Very disappointing. :(

  • Posted by s.franklin1968 December 2011

    Let me start by saying I was born less then 20 miles from this place and have lived here all my life since 1968, yet I never heard of this place at all in a community that is known for bragging and telling friends about good places to eat..... now I know why!!!!! Before everyone thinks Im going to trash this place and have nothing good to say, thats not the case, when you walk in the first thing you notice is the atmosphere... it is outstanding!!!! The decore is fabulous and it makes you feel like your in another place then in Mid-Town Detroit. But that is where the positive ends. After being seated our waiter came over and introduced himself and said he would be back... but another person came for our order, then another person came for refills on drinks while we waited for our food, yet another person brought out our salads, and another brought our entrees..... the only time we ever seen our waiter was when we got the bill...... I really didnt know whom I  was tipping. Now for the food..... as for the salad... all I can say is I have had more toppings on a Whopper then was on the plate.... as for the entrees, I had the Fish and Chips, my wife had the Pot Roast, neither of us had anything bad to say about it, but nothing good to say either. Very bland, no seasoning, and just in general something you can get anywhere!!!! Im not saying "dont go here"... but I am saying "dont make a special trip" for it!!!! I really hope that the other places Guy recommended on DDD are better then this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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