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  • Posted by pmedic January 2014

    01/11/2014 My friend an i had about 2 hrs until we has to be at the airport so we went to the farmers market to check this place out. The line to order your food wrapped around a corner and we had about 30 people in front of us. My buddy started out in full whine mode as he is prone to and as we were waiting in line watching people walk away with trays of delicious food he settled down a bit and committed to the line ahead of us which was in total about 30 min. About the food....they were out of pulled pork, not that big of a deal for me i was really after the ribs. We had ribs, brisket, fried chicken,collard greens (which were very unique and not drenched in vinegar for a pleasant change) , killer fried okra and mac and cheese with bacon on top.This is a must stop i could go on and on about taste and quality of the food but perfect sums it up and totally worth the wait.

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