Mac's Fish and Chips in Santa Barbara, CA

Mac's Fish and Chips

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    [email protected]
    Tuesday, January 24, 2012
    My husband is British and we both enjoy a good plate, basket, newspaper, full of fish 'n chips! We were really happy to find this place on a trip down State Street a few years ago. The fish is battered properly, with a light crispy coating, not bread crumbs! They offer the right sides too, mushy peas for example. Yum! The last time we were able to visit we noticed deep fried Twinkies on the menu! There is a place we've been in NY (also a 'chippy' run by a Brit) that does other deep friend delights, and it comes from the UK where it began (I think) with deep friend Mars bars. Anyhow - we had one and it was awesome...but they are made to be shared unless you have a BIG sweet tooth. We encouraged the owner/operators of Mac's to come north to the SF Bay Area and we sure hope they do it soon!


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