Nye's Polonaise CLOSED in Minneapolis, MN

Nye's Polonaise CLOSED

 February 08, 2012  6 Comments  20658 views





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112 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414


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    [email protected]~~~hoo.com
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    I just heard that they won't be closing so we may be able to get back up there. Our first stop was our first experience with polish food and it was amazing! We got the sampler platter and there wasn't one item that i wouldn't order again. the lighting was very dark which was a bit annoying
  2. Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Went into Nye's the other night for some drinks and listen to some polka/piano bar. Was good time. Got to get a drink from the bartender Corky at bar in piano bar. Just don't complain about there being too much vermouth and not enough olive juice in your martini, the bartender always wins (wasn't us but one of the tables, we just got in on what happened). Only writing on Nye's again as Corky pointed out to us that Guy tagged the wall behind the piano. We all agreed was a little tacky for this place. I just hope that is on plexiglass like I saw at 1029 Bar and Lola's and can be removed as would be sad if they defaced the main wall in such a classy joint.
  3. Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Upon entering Nye’s I was struck by how dark the dining room
    was. It took a while for my eyes to get adjusted to the dim lighting. And did I
    mention that it was already evening when we arrived? The décor looks as though it’s remained
    unchanged since the Johnson Administration (for clarification I meant Lyndon’s,
    not Andrews). Nye’s is so out-dated, with a piano bar, polka bands and all those
    retro decorations that it’s square-ness quotient goes off the chart one one-side and appears
    at the other end in the “way too cool” spectrum at the other end.Although the food is pricier, it was superb in comparison to
    other East European restaurants fare that I’ve had around home and I live near Chicago.
    My wife had the stuffed cabbage rolls and I got the Polish sausage with pierogis,
    which we shared. We noticed that the cabbage rolls didn’t appear to have been cooked with tomato sauce but may have, instead, been cooked with a beef stock. It was
    different but we liked it so much that caused my wife’s Polish grandmother to
    spin in her grave afterwards. Moje dobroć!For
    desert we tried the cheesecake-stuffed pierogis with a strawberry sauce and
    fresh whipped cream topping. Fantastic.
  4. Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Very cool place' very pricey. 1 polish sausage, 6 perogi's, 1 boiled potato and sauerkraut for 18.95. 3 meatball sized cabbage rolls served dry (no sauce ) 1 boiled potato for 18.95. 5.25 domestic beers. You can really tell Guy Fieri isn't spending his money here. Quality of food to price, POOR
  5. Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    My wife & I were looking for a place to take her Grandma out for supper. While debating places, DDD came on and featured Nye's. We knew this was the one.  Walking through the door is a throw back in time. Straight up vintage decore. We were seated in a gold glittered booth under a multi-colored rock crystal lamp shade. The menu isn't huge, with a lot of choices. Nye's specializes in Polish food. It's pricey. The food is good, though. Portions are large. All three of us took doggy bags home. I went with the stuffed cabbage rolls, and the ladies went with the Prime Rib Steak Sandwiches. Again, large portions. The night we went, Nye's didn't have a band playing in the Polka Lounge attached to it. We were wishing that there was, so as to get the full "Nye's" experience. We all left happy and satisfied with Nye's.
  6. Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Holy amazingness!!! Loved the prime rib dip sandwich so much!!!! By far best beef dip sandwich ever had. And what a fun place. And the pirogi were good too. We sat in piano bar and really enjoyed it. Then went over to polka lounge for awhile as were leaving. Will be back for that sandwich for sure.


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