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Smack Shack

1029 Marshall Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Guy Fieri Eats (1)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • - Leg of Lamb Sandwich with a side of Au Jus. Guy called it the "Sandwich of all Sandwiches". - Lobster Mac & Cheese.

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (4)

  • Posted by ScottyGoodBoy November 2016

    They have moved to 603 Washington Ave. North.

  • Posted by March 2013

    Stopped in on my way through the city. I had the Lobster Corndog and the Lobster Roll. The corndog tasted good, but was not crispy and seemed like it had been sitting under a heater rather than fresh out of the frier. The Lobster roll was excellent, and paired well with the beer our server recommended. Service was a little slow, but not too bad.

  • Posted by Dustin October 2012

    My 30th Triple D stop! And what a great one for #30. Couldn't decide between the lamb sandwich or the lobster mac n cheese so got both. Shared the mac n cheese with my future bro-in-law. Both were unbelielablly good. Glad I didn't skip on either.
    The 1029 Bar was fun too. Though once the kareokee started at 9 pm I felt like we were being invaded. People were coming up to our table and looked like they were going to sit down and help themselves to our food. And when we gave them the look like "try to take our food, we'll stab your hand with a plastic knife" they backed off, but still stood right next to our table kinda blocking us in. At least one thing I have to give to big city kareokee is they take it serious, not big joke like is here in my small town.
    But food was great, and atmosphere fun. We were there for "bachelor party" for my future bro-in-law, and I heard story that chef heard what we were there for and brought his food out to him and comped the meal! Don't know how I missed that seeing as was sitting right next to him. I do rember was a guy that brought his food out and not our female server, and he told the guy "we came all the way from Grand Forks ND to come here" and guy that brought him his food said to him "we love to hear that".

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    After seeing the DDD episode, I knew my wife & I had to check this place out. We are very glad we did. The place comes off as a dive bar, but the food is 1st rate. My wife had the shrimp po' boy, and I did the sausage po' boy. We both split the applewood smoked bacon mac & cheese. OH MY! How can the City Pages have missed this Mac & Cheese in their top 10 mac & cheese's in the Twin Cities? In fact, they had deep fried mac & cheese on a stick in that list! Unjust. Our sandwiches were huge & flavorful. Tough to finish, even with an appitite. We didn't go with the lobster dishes, but we will be back to try those next time. As a side note, I believe the place might be a cop bar?

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