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Broders' Pasta Bar

5000 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410
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Reviews (4)

  • Posted by FlashBack October 2015

    Pasta bar -or- cucina...we ate the fancier of the was amazing and the waiter was very helpful.

  • Posted by FlashBack September 2014

    Great food and to watch the cooks in action as prepared to wait for a seat, very good food and a small establishment.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    I live in the neighborhood and would go here more often, only it is so hard to get a table because it is always so crowded! The pasta is always cooked to order and the ingredients are so fresh. If you can and you're in the mood for a more casual experience, get a seat at the wrap-around counter as it's a lot of fun to watch the chefs prepare the meals right in front of you. 

  • Posted by Dustin April 2012

    This is incorrect listing, and I did same thing though. I had heard from that Guy was at Broder's, Smack Shack, and Smalley's in Twin Cities area, and I was planning a trip before all these aired anyway. So I figured I'd go check them out before they aired since I'll be in the area anyway. So I met up with my cousin and his buddy at Broder's Pasta Bar. I asked the server what dish will be featured on Triple D, and he told me Guy went to Broder's Cucina Italiana which is right across the street. Same people run both, and the fresh made pasta Guy talked with them about is what they use at the Pasta Bar, but still don't know if should count this one as one off list or not. But Broder's Pasta Bar was amazing. Hands down best pasta I've had. And even though was very busy there the server seemed to leave us to enjoy our wine and conversation and never tried driving us out, or rush us in any way. Was one of best restaraunt experiences I have ever had due to that. We sat there for over 30 minutes before he even took our food orders as he realized we were pretty deep in conversation. We ended up sitting there for over 2 hours enjoying our wine and food. So to sum it up for Broder's Pasta Bar, had great wine, great food, and great conversation. Broders can supply the food and wine, but you and your friends/family have to bring the conversation. I will also report back after have been to Broder's Cucina Italiana.

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