Broders Cucina Italiana in Minneapolis, MN
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Broders Cucina Italiana

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Still amazed I took this photo! Drool every time I see it. Great dish of pasta, great slice of pizza, great slice of cheesecake and can't forget the Fulton Sweet Child of Vine!  [...]

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2308 West 50th Street  MinneapolisMN  55410

Broders Triple D Viewing Party

Broders Cucina Italiana in Minneapolis, MN 
On April 16th 2012, the Food Network featured south Minneapolis eatery Broders Cucina Italiania on its hit show Diners Drive Ins' and Dives. Here is the view...  [...]

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  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012
    So I just left n it was not good AT ALL I ordered the spagetti wit meatballssu. It was super dry n had no flavor n u only get 3 meatballs sister ordered rigatonii with broccoli n I just tasted like burnt noodles n oil n their card machine dosent work this place sucks the only thing good we had was a cappicino brownie ...THIS PLACE DOSENT DESERVE 2 BE ON THESHOW!!!# SO MAD I WENT 14MILES OUT OF MY WAY 2 EAT THERE!!
  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012
    We went to Minnesota this weekend for the Vikings game, but with the intention of checking this place out after GF seemed to love it so much. I got the bolognese, as it seemed to get such raves. I was unimpressed to be honest. The place itself was so small and confusing, and the meal was nothing to write home about. The garlic breadsticks were probably the best part. My son got the pizza and some stromboli, which he enjoyed. But considering we had to pay $80 in car fare to get there and back, plus the meal, it was not worth the money. Sorry, I really wanted to love this place.
  3. Anonymous
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012
    We went for lunch at 1:00 p.m. and their dining room was full. But I was told by the cashier that it
    was okay to take our meal across the street to their other restaurant (Broder's
    Pasta House, which is only open for dinner) which has a pleasantly shaded outdoor
    dining area. We got a couple of the cold cut sandwiches (I the South Jersey hoagie
    and my wife the smoke turkey), a couple pasta salad sides and we shared a slice
    of a specialty pizza, the prosciutto with arugula. The pizza was great. The pasta was obviously freshly
    made and so good!
  4. Anonymous
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012
    My Wife & I saw this place shown on DDD. We have been impressed with Guy's suggestions before, so we decided to try Broder's out! Small place. Big flavor! I went with what was shown on TV. The pasta was top notch, and the pizza slice was awesome. One of the best slices I've ever had. I went back for a second slice. Broder's has a deli aspect to it, with lots of pasta salads, smoked meats, and cheeses to choose from. The menu is quite large. Many choices. We will be back to try other items. 
  5. Anonymous
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012
    Really good pizza - my personal favorite is the sausage - surprising as I usually like lots of toppings on my pizza. Large slices and thin crust - yum! It's generally pretty busy and can take quite a while for your order to be ready. Occasionally get the prepared salads or antipasto. These are good as well, though my goal is usually the pizza when I am there. Haven't been as impressed with the sandwiches. But not a problem, as the pizza makes up for it!



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