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Pete's Breakfast House Restaurant

2055 E Main Street Ventura, CA 93001
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Guy Fieri Eats (3)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • get the pancakes
  • chorizo burger

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (5)

  • Posted by Carla T March 2016

    We went to Pete's on a Friday morning after not being able to go to our first choice. Glad we came. The pancake roll was so good my husband kept eating of my plate. he got the mexicali eggs with the super hot salsa that others told him to get on the side. Spicy goodness! We definitely want to go back and luckily it's only 35 minute drive.

  • Posted by kirsty77 April 2014

    Ate here this past Monday and the food was excellent. Its a small place and nothing special as fas as decor but the food was good and a good price.

  • Posted by Melissa Morral January 2013

    We are there at least twice a month. My husband loves the salmon and eggs while my son and I will share a waffle sundae. The staff is super nice and every moment you wait is so worth it.

  • Posted by Karen Chapman November 2012

    We were in San Francisco and headed down to Ventura for some R/R. We are a fan of the show so my Husband downloaded the DDD app on his phone to locate.
    Wonderful! We went for a late breakfast, he had the pancake roll, I had an melette, took pictures of both our meals to send home to family. Great service, short wait. yummy.

  • Posted by Bill September 2012

    My brother stopped by this place coming from Tallahassee, Fl. on a cross country road trip riding a BMW touring bike. While he was in Ventura watching Dinners Drive Inn's and Dives, they just so happened to be at Pete's. So my brother decided to give them a try. There was a line, he waited about 30 min's. everyone that was waiting in line with my brother kept telling him the food is great and well worth his time. He was very glad he did. His comment was, Worth every minuet waiting in line. Great Service, Great Owners, Very Friendly Staff. and the Food Was Great!!. Don't waste your time if your hungry and in Ventura Ca.Pete's is the place.

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