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Harold's Restaurant

602 North Limestone Street Gaffney, SC 29340
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  • Posted by lissa January 2013

    Couldn't believe ddd found their way to Gaffney. So thought I'ld give this place a try. Seriously Guy. My son and I took one bite and we each spit it out and left. That was after they bothered to serve us at all. Trust me, I know good food and my son is a human garbage disposal. Takes something pretty bad for him to not eat.

  • Posted by Gregg July 2012

    I spent 90 days in Charleston SC and came to the realization that Guy had been to 6 places. I made it my mission to hit all 6. I have also hit the Beacon and Pawleys. I will plan a road trip to Gaffney to try Harolds and locally to the Farmer's Shed. Guy will have to come back to SC to add more sites to his list

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    The food was great! I love the chili burgers and the prices! :)

  • Posted by Linda Piccirillo September 2011

    Third stop on our DDD honeymoon. I will have to agree with most. Wait staff was really disinterested in you. Like you were a bother. And THEN..I engaged them in conversation at check out. The girl was very sweet to us. They were busy so perhaps just a little kindness on the customer's part?? The place was extremely "Divey" and a few patrons were just a tad scary..but the grilled pimento cheese and cheese fries..delicious. My husband loved the chili burger. If you want upscale dining ...skip this. BUT..if you want some good dive food...enjoy.

  • Posted by Diner lover September 2011

    Rates as one of the top five places I will never return Service was terrible & hot dogs were ho-hum. Definitely won't waste any more of my money at Harold's.

  • Posted by No Name Yet August 2011

    I have never seen a staff so great at ignoring customers!

  • Posted by Sad face August 2011


  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Harold's certainlymeets the standards of a dive, small and grimy. The service was minimal and not at all friendly,in fact, almost begrudging, not typical for the south.  Sink in the women's restroom had several inches of standing water.  Our food was passable with the exception of the bacon on the chili dog which I am told was excelllent--- both crisp and thick.  Take note: The pimiento cheese sandwich is served warm.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    I don't even like pimento cheese, but our server suggested pimento cheese fries. SOOO amazing! Melted pimento cheese over crinkle fries! The chili burgers were great too! I will say that is it a DIVE. Extra divey. lol. BUT, the food is great so if you know what you are getting yourself into it is worth. We drove almost an hour to eat here.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    The best pimento cheese, hands down. I bought 2 pints before leaving and will travel an hour and half to buy more!

  • Posted by Mich September 2010

    Skip this one the food is not worth the trip. Very disappointed in the food. Had the chicken stew runny and very little flavor.

  • Posted by cwblk May 2010

    My best friend and I were in the area and tried the restaurant.  It was really just a dirty dive with no ambience at all. Don't wear your good clothes.  Places like this should have excellent chili, however, the chili was "runny" and sloppy. The food was not up to "dive" level, and the waitstaff seemed very uninterested. 

  • Posted by sdo April 2010

    Skip this one, there are better places.

  • Posted by greg mullins February 2010

    visted gaffney this week 02/12/10 went to tendalls three times. love those chili burgers. plus cold beer......

  • Posted by gregmullins January 2010

    great place to eat. love gaffney.

  • Posted by Vegas October 2009

    Food is yum-o and most of the waitstaff is smart and helpful - as in if you have never had "chicken stew" (no, not soup - made with buttermilk and taters, etc...). Anyway, food is really diner-style awesome, just don't get the old white haired bag as a "waitress" - she will give you COLD food and then argue about it. The manager had to put her on a leash! Other than this harpy, you will have a blast! Owner is nice too! 5 hotdogs or Corn dogs combo for US$3.99 is a great deal also! Vegas

  • Posted by Birdie & Teresa April 2009

    The food was inexpensive and good, and the staff was friendly. Wished we could have been there on a Wednesday or had the chance to try some other menu items.

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