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Hightstown Diner

151 Mercer Street Highstown, NJ 08520
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  • Posted by sorry guy September 2012

    the worst corned beef hash i ever tasted. the corn beef hash tasted like it was saturated with vinegar. my coffee cup was cracked along the upper rim, and the mens room was filthty and no paper to dry your hands.

  • Posted by Pete from Monroe May 2011

    I grew up 3 miles from Hightstown, lived most of my 67 years nearby, have been to the Hightstown Diner many times and I have to say it's average at best. If you want a really good diner I would recommend Teddy's in Cranbury (their corned beef hash is way better!) or Mastoris in Bordentown. The Americana isn't my favorite but a lot of locals like it too. BTW, I know many of the regulars at the Hightstown Diner but didn't recognize anybody on the show. What did they do, film the show by invitation only?      

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    remember...diners,drive ins and DIVES

  • Posted by Michele and Tom January 2011

    We had passed this diner countless times in our travels, but never stopped in until today. What a pleasant surprise! We were met with the smell of delicious coffee upon opening the outer door! We were seated at a booth immediately and were asked if we wanted anything to drink. I knew I wanted coffee from the moment I entered the diner...the smell was wonderful and the actual coffee was delicious. I ordered the Greek omelette, which by the way was so big it filled my entire plate and a side of the most delicious and light pancakes. I jokingly asked if the omelette was made with five eggs since it was so huge and was told yes! My husband had corned beef hash that he decided was the best he ever had, a reuben with both corned beef and pastrami and a cup of matzoh ball soup. The reuben came with side of delicious steak fries. I really don't like fries that much, but these fries (not greasy at all) were crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside and piping hot with just the right amount of salt. Needless to say, I brought home at least half of my omelette and he brought almost his entire reuben home, too. We did taste some of the corned beef that was hanging out the side. I am very picky when it comes to corned beef, it can't be fatty or tough or I won't eat it. This corned beef melted in my mouth! Both of us had eyes bigger than our stomachs. I will tell you that great food is important, but so is the service so it is for that reason that I will continue now. Our waitress, Debbie, was attentive and always around asking us if we needed anything else or asking if everything was ok. I work in the service industry and know that 9 times out of 10, it is the negative comments that customers make that are often reported or commented on. Rarely are people commended for the good things they do.  In this case, I can tell you that not only Debbie, but also another waitress named Holly were WONDERFUL! Friendly and smiling people are so important! We are not locals that frequent this establishment every week, it was our first time. Yet we were treated like old friends! We told Debbie and Holly that we intended to submit a review and Holly said, "Yeah we're going to be famous." Well, we have news for you are famous because you are such a great team working in a restaurant where the food is outstanding. I would definitely go back to this diner because of the food and the great prices. (Trust me, you get a whole lot of food for your money). But, I would go back equally because of the great service! Even the owner, Terry, walks around and is concerned that customers are happy. We didn't have room for dessert, obviously, if we had to take half our food home. But, Terry did give us a taste of their homemade banana cheese cake. It is delicious and now that we know the size of the portions, we will be "smarter" when we go back. I definitely didn't need the side of pancakes! That side order was as big as most full entrees. We will have dessert next time! Everything is made fresh at this diner...from the matzoh ball soup to the cheesecakes...the pastrami and corned beef is made fresh every day. My husband asked, how does a Greek make such good matzoh ball soup? Well, this diner is a keeper and so are the employees! Well be bacK!

  • Posted by Mike Cruickshank September 2010

    My girlfriend and I went to this place only because of the show.  We have lived in the area for 20 years and never gave it a second thought before then.  The staff is super nice so it is with a heavy heart that I tell you how much this place sucked.  It was actually our first DDD expedition and almost turned us off completely on the idea of going to another DDD recommmended place.  The bathrooms are indeed filthy and littered with garbage and what appear to be sharpe marker graffiti on the walls of the stalls.  Hopefully this was just a bad day for them and they have cleaned things up.  The place is very dumpy so if environment means anything to you it will be an instant turn off.  Most importantly and I cannot say this enough, the food was awful.  The french toast was on regular wonder bread and was thin and chewy with no flavor whatsoever.  I had to put on lots of butter and syrup to make it work.  My girlfriends eggs and potatoes were also flavorless and rubbery and her pancakes were very bland with no flavor whatsoever.  I often judge a good pancake by the ability to enjoy it without anything on it.  These tasted like a wet paper towel.  In all I think there is some explaining to be done about this place.  Please don't go.  Mastori's and Americana are really close and much better though I think that while they both do a decent job, neither is as great as they are pumped up to be. Thanks Mike Cruickshank

  • Posted by K Bone July 2010

    I have no idea how this shithole could have ended up on triple D- ruined the show for me- there are great Diners in the srea- Americana, Town and Country,  Mastori's.......why Hightstown?????

  • Posted by Kabblammachunk June 2010

    Echoing the comment by 'Guest'. I work for a company in nearby Cranbury, and spend some overnights in town.  Dropped by this place SOLELY because of the DD&D episode, and was kinda psyched about the homemade hash.  What a dump (maybe that is the 4th 'D'?). Yellow gravy on deli turkey and microwaved white bread acting as an open-faced hot turkey sandwich, and some kind of lawn clippings and yard waste floating in bread mush with a truckload of salt and grease sitting in for 'stuffing'.  Ate a bite of everything, and nothing more, and left quickly to find the comfort of the bathroom in my hotel for the next couple hours. WTF?

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    H O W did this place end up on DD&D?!

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