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Yayo Taco CLOSED

4632 S. Maryland Pkwy #18 Las Vegas, NV 89119
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Reviews (4)

  • Posted by Jon July 2013

    YaYo tacos is one of a kind. I have eaten there too many times to count. if anything they were overwhelmed by the response due to the diners show. I have cooked for 20 years and cook at home for myself and Friends many days of the week. this guy puts his heart and soul into his recipes.

  • Posted by Chrissy McHugh October 2012

    I've been here before it was on the show. the food is super cheap, but the tacos look like dog food. there are a lot of great places in vegas- i can't believe this one made DDD.

  • Posted by FoodNYum August 2012

    So, we were passing through Vegas and decided to check it out. It was gone.... Couldn't find it. Did it go out of business? Move? Need to update the site..... 8/12.

  • Posted by Tom July 2012

    Big disappoint... We have been to several DDD's and this was by far the worst experience. First there was a line forming at the register and the three or so peopeople were too busy to even take orders. After finally getting waited on the order taker tells us there is no "safe house" meat available, so my wife and daughter had to pick something else on the menu. We gave them our name and waited at a dirty table for our food. About 15 minutes later we finally received about half of our food. I told the three kids who received their lunches to start eating, assuming the rest of our order was coming, but after about 7 minutes we had to get up and tell the server that we didn't have our whole order. At that time we had to show him our reciept in order to "prove" that we had paid for meals we didn't receive. He appologised and gave us some complementary chips for the inconvience. The restaurant did not have any forks, and after another of my daughter's found a piece of steel wool in her guacamole we stopped eating the food. Regarding the food, it was bland and tasteless. I would not go back there again for any reason. I don't know what the UNLV students are doing, but they must be tripping or something. DO NOT GO HERE!

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