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Ortegaz Southwestern Grill and Wine Bar in Manteo, NC
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Ortegaz Southwestern Grill and Wine Bar

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201 Sir Walter Raleigh Street  ManteoNC  27954

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Ortega'z Poblano Pesto Pasta

Ortegaz Southwestern Grill and Wine Bar in Manteo, NC 
At Ortega'z, Guy samples shrimp and chorizo pasta with poblano pesto.  [...]

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    [email protected]
    5/24/2014 1:40:05 PM
    We stumbled upon this place for a late lunch one day when we were vacationing on Outer Banks. It was quiet and friendly. I had a salad while there, but later realized that they had been featured on D, D, & D, and decided to try to fish tacos recipe that had been featured on the show at home. They were very yummy!!
  2. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    7/8/2013 4:58:49 PM
    Unimpressed. The chicken fajitas were the blandest thing I have ever eaten. Slow service and pricey too
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    [email protected]
    7/5/2013 8:52:18 PM
    The service was very slow and it was NOISY inside. However, the food was excellent and the owner allowed me to purchase a lunch size portion of the dish featured in the DDD episode.
  4. anonymous
    2/1/2013 2:52:15 PM
    GREAT FOOD!!!! Pork nachos are dankkk
  5. anonymous
    2/1/2013 2:51:37 PM
    Great service, the food was phenomenal. I really recommend it to anyone, be sure to try the shrimp and chorizo alfredo! It is to die for!
  6. anonymous
    1/12/2013 2:01:48 PM
    We were not overly impressed. The service was really slow and we had 5 little kids with us. Food was okay, but nothing stands out as exceptional.

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