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Jay Bee's Bar-B-Que

15911 Avalon Boulevard Gardena, CA 90247
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  • Pull pork sandwich

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Reviews (8)

  • Posted by Gwen Gardner July 2012

    I have been to this place many times over the years and true its not one of those fancy places you see in Beverly Hills or even in Lakewood where the scenery may be better, but the food is tasteless; So if you want scenery then I suggest you go there, but if you want goooooood barbecue, then this is the place to go. Its in an industrial area and not ghetto at all, so the only people who "Feel" unsafe are "those People" who are afraid of "ANY" Black person they may see.

  • Posted by Darryl Skelton October 2011

    Great BBQ, Not Beverly Hills, but no reason not sit down and enjoy your food with your family..

  • Posted by Jim P. March 2011

    Went by for the first time today, they were closed due to the owner's death. Sure would have liked to meet Beverly Neely as she seemed to be quite the character. As she said in the DDD show clip, "now that's a wrap", and with that Beverly so goes life. It's a wrap for your life but your legacy will live on!!

  • Posted by Lou M. September 2010

    Not bad, but a bit $$ for such a dive. It's literally in a shack sitting on a median. Pulled pork sandwich and peach cobbler. Get extra napkins!

  • Posted by Tom May 2010

    Very good food. The pulled pork sandwich, the barbeque chicken were excellent. The mac and cheese was pretty good too. The place is really small and the seating is outdoors. It can be a little too cold or windy, so sometimes it is better to take it to go.

  • Posted by Renee April 2010

    If you are looking for great ribs, it's a great take out place.  The area is not the best but I was there for the food, not the ambience. While I was waiting for my order, everyone was polite and orderly.   It's a great place to stop and get your order to take home and enjoy.  The mac and cheese side order is out of site with any of the BBQ.

  • Posted by Cynthia December 2009

    The area is not as bad as mentioned in the other not the greatest area, but by far not the worst.  If you feel you have to leave the area would probably be better off staying home and doing your own bbq.

  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    This is a to go place in many ways.  The small shack of a restaurant has some tables out front but based on the bulletproof glass that they take the order behind it may not be a great place to sit and eat leisurely.  I can't believe that Guy would come here with his tricked out car and bling!!!  The food was good as I had the ribs, slaw, and beans and they were what I expected.  I got them to go and left the area quickly though.

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