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Jefferson Diner

5 Bowling Green Parkway Lake Hopatong, NJ 07849
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Reviews (9)

  • Posted by Marjorie February 2021

    The diner is just average. I.was far from impressed. My companion was dissatisfied. Said they would not go back. The restaurant next door makes better food.

  • Posted by jackturner1abc October 2012

    The Jefferson
    Diner may have deserved an episode in past. I have been eating there for over
    15 years; mainly the breakfast special; it was convenient and priced well. The
    Jefferson Diner is not alone in its INABILITY to make a real "over
    easy" egg. There are way too many TV's and service suffers for it. They
    have expanded to a bar next door and maybe that is where the two sons work now,
    because I have not seen them work the Diner for years. I have never been overwhelmed
    by any of their food. Slightly better than average diner.

  • Posted by Melanie R Mercado August 2012

    I do not like this place stall! Service is horrible and food not n e thing different

  • Posted by Ckull May 2012

    How did this place get on here? I live a few miles away and avoid it because of the avg. food and high prices.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    I love Mousaka and after this show I had to go try theirs, but I was very dissapointed. 

  • Posted by Bob W July 2011

    Gotta say . . . its really just your average Jersey Diner.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Posted by Sara May 2011

    This was a good diner, but not 5 star worthy in my book.  The pierogies were great and were in some fabulous sauce.  The patty melt and burger were good and the french fries were the best I have ever had at a diner. 

  • Posted by C Dikmen January 2010

    We stopped here for an early dinner on our motorcycle trip to the East Coast. Excellent fried chicken and great onion rings.

  • Posted by MagicCJA May 2009

    Great breakfast food, skillets and omelettes were tremendous.

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