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Jefferson Diner in Lake Hopatong, NJ
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Jefferson Diner

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5 Bowling Green Parkway  Lake HopatongNJ 

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Jefferson Diner in Lake Hopatong, NJ 
Jefferson High School Spanish 3-4 Movie Project for Mrs. Conroy's class... Starring Dustin, Adrian, and Patrick.. ahha (2009) Dustin and Patrick are hungry f...  [...]

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Jefferson Diner in Lake Hopatong, NJ 

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jefferson diner unwrapped

Jefferson Diner in Lake Hopatong, NJ 
eating at the diner.  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    10/28/2012 6:16:12 PM
    The Jefferson
    Diner may have deserved an episode in past. I have been eating there for over
    15 years; mainly the breakfast special; it was convenient and priced well. The
    Jefferson Diner is not alone in its INABILITY to make a real "over
    easy" egg. There are way too many TV's and service suffers for it. They
    have expanded to a bar next door and maybe that is where the two sons work now,
    because I have not seen them work the Diner for years. I have never been overwhelmed
    by any of their food. Slightly better than average diner.
  2. anonymous
    8/1/2012 11:42:02 PM
    I do not like this place stall! Service is horrible and food not n e thing different
  3. anonymous
    5/29/2012 10:53:29 PM
    How did this place get on here? I live a few miles away and avoid it because of the avg. food and high prices.
  4. anonymous
    2/7/2012 3:08:00 AM
    I love Mousaka and after this show I had to go try theirs, but I was very dissapointed. 
  5. anonymous
    7/19/2011 12:15:23 AM
    Gotta say . . . its really just your average Jersey Diner.  Nothing out of the ordinary.
  6. anonymous
    5/18/2011 3:34:51 PM
    This was a good diner, but not 5 star worthy in my book.  The pierogies were great and were in some fabulous sauce.  The patty melt and burger were good and the french fries were the best I have ever had at a diner. 
  7. anonymous
    1/12/2010 2:42:49 PM
    We stopped here for an early dinner on our motorcycle trip to the East Coast. Excellent fried chicken and great onion rings.
  8. anonymous
    5/24/2009 4:27:48 PM
    Great breakfast food, skillets and omelettes were tremendous.

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