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The Smoke Joint in Brooklyn, NY
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The Smoke Joint

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87 S Elliott Place  BrooklynNY  11217

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Rack of ribs

My wife and daughters rack of ribs.  [...]

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    Tuesday, January 08, 2013
    I was so happy to see a smoke joint on Triple D and it was close to me in New York which I will be visiting New York soon... I was so anxious I went there with my wife I ordered the chopped short ribs mac and cheese n greens she ordered catfish corn on the cob and greens can't forget the corn bread yes I can. The first problem was that the food came out way too soon meaning the food wasn't fresh when my wife bit into her fish it tasted like it was frozen my dish you can see that they used water to heat it up in which it had no flavor. A couple sat behind us and waited for us to eat before they ordered they seen our face and which they only had water. The flavor was not there felt like I was eating plain food. I will not recommend anyone to go there in which I was very disappointed and my bill was $80 I have never wasted money on food and that day I did. I recommend Triple D to take this spot off this site. I love food but this spot isn't what it seems.
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    Tuesday, January 08, 2013
    While in Brooklyn for a college tour with my wife and daughter we went here last month . My wife and daughter shared a rack of ribs and I had the chopped brisket . Everything tasted great . So good that I tried to convince my daughter to pick Pratt so when I visit her I can return .

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