South Philadelphia Tap Room in Philadelphia, PA

South Philadelphia Tap Room

 May 13, 2013  1 Comments  8765 views

"There are 13 taps, ten of them on a specially-made ten-tap "T" which was commissioned from a North Philadelphia metal working shop. Local breweries and Belgian imports are strongly featured and backed up by an eclectic 100-bottle selection. As hoped, a new clientele is learning about craft beers."We have an Italian, Asian and African-American neighborhood demographic," Longacre says, "and many of them are happily getting into good beers... They used to come in and ask for Miller Light. The other night, half of them were drinking Hoegaarden and the other half Yards IPA. Progress."




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    [email protected]
    Monday, May 13, 2013
    I had the fried pb&j and it was quite interesting. It's not something I would probably ever eat again but it was better than I expected. Kudos to South Philadelphia Tap Room for being very creative with this entree. 7.4/10


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