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Barrio Cafe located in Phoenix, AZ
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Barrio Cafe

Established in 2002 by partners Wendy Gruber & chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, The Barrio was a dream come true for the duo -- a little neighborhood eatery providing authentic southern Mexico cuisine and chef's original chef creations in a unpretentious atmosphere.


2814 N 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 636-0240

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    2/7/2014 11:48:20 PM
    Saw the episode a week before our trip to Phoenix and put it on our must see list. My husband is a burger, I'll-never-try-anything-new kinda guy. I have to prod him to eat out of the box. We arrived during happy hour (Mon-Fri 3-5pm) with $1.50 mini tacos and 50% off drinks. Perfect because you get to try a bit of everything. We tried the duck, chorizo & avocado, cochinita pibil, mojo shrimp, carne asada and hash tacos. They are mini tacos so my husband and I each took a bite. All were incredible. From the show I was looking to try the Tilapia and my server recommended the Pollo Poblano, so my husband (who is culinary-challenged) agreed to give it a go. Let's say he licked the plate clean. Literally. Couldn't get enough of the chicken with poblano and peppers in a sauce with goat cheese. Trust me if I can get Mr. Burger to fall in love with this dish, everyone should try it. The tilapia dish was equally amazing. My husband agreed after trying it. We also had some pretty awesome drinks, Try the Barrio Bomba, Sangria and if you like Horchata, I recommend the Chones - which is Horchata with Chambord - truly amazing. For dessert, I couldn't pass up Churros with homemade Cajeta. My husband who has always passed up the Churro stand in the ballpark gave it a go. Again, licked the plate clean. You will never eat another Churro from a ballpark again after eating one of theirs. Three thumbs up!

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