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Bludso's BBQ

811 S Long Beach Blvd, Compton, CA 90221
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Owner Kevin Bludso comes from a family that has been barbecuing in Texas for generations--since the plantation days of his great great grandfather! From the special BBQ techniques of his great great grandfather to the well-guarded secret recipes of his grandmother, Kevin has continued this great tradition of the Bludso family and has brought this incredible Texan taste to Southern California. Now Kevin Bludso is proud and happy to bring you the best in Texas-style barbeque at Bludso's BBQ, and welcomes you to have a lil taste of Texas!

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  • Posted by mlsweeney February 2023

    I had both featured items from the show:  Collard Greens and Ribs.  We also added mac & cheese and cornbread to the mix to get the full experience.  The Collard Greens were very tasty and definitely are in the same range as the best greens I've had.  The Ribs were also very good.  I got to try both the normal sweet sauce and their house's special spicy sauce.  I liked the normal sweet version better but I used both sauces interchangeably while I ate the Ribs because they were both great.  Rounding out the meal was the mac & cheese which was fantastic and the cornbread was soft, sweet, and delicious.  I would definitely go here again if I were in the area.  Note: I went to their new Los Angeles location since their original Compton location was closed after their move (the future move was mentioned in the show).  8.6/10

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