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Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger

304 S Ashley Street, Ann Arbor, MI
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Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger has been an Ann Arbor staple since 1953, serving up customizable sliders with a unique, interactive ordering system

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  • The burgers are made your way so just ask for exactly what you want

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Reviews (19)

  • Posted by April 2022

    Very interesting order process so make make sure you read the instruction i.e. Here at Blimpy's, we have an interactive ordering process. Your food is cooked right in front of you and our cooks do not write order tickets,

  • Posted by April 2021

    This biz has terrible customer service. They made two of our seven burgers wrong and wouldn't make it right. I even told them I would pay for the burgers to be made right and Raymond told me that he wouldn't remake anything and I was holding up the line. I left my $80 worth of burgers on the counter and as we left "Raymond the burger guy" told my young son "get your sh$t together". What grown man talks to a young adult that way? We have NEVER been treated so rudely and we all felt verbally assaulted as we left the restaurant. The abuse isn't worth the food!

  • Posted by I eat for fun July 2015

    Stopped in today for a Blimpy Burger and onion rings. Under whelming; burger tasted like most other burgers and the onion rings tasted about the same. Prices were OK. Staff was friendly and food did taste fresh. Parking was pretty good easy to find a spot.

  • Posted by I eat for fun July 2015

    Stopped in today for a Blimpy Burger and onion rings. Under whelming; burger tasted like most other burgers and the onion rings tasted about the same. Prices were OK. Staff was friendly and food did taste fresh. Parking wasn't to bad.

  • Posted by hanksr September 2013

    Sadly Blimpy Burger closed in mid August. Word is they will reopen in a new location but for now they are a part of artery clogging history. :(

  • Posted by JustJo-64 September 2012

    Guy Fieri was there in 2008 (Food Network). I've lived in Ann Arbor since 1978 and have never been to Blimpy's. If I could get a slider with grilled onions & mushrooms with a side of onion rings, I might stopping by.

  • Posted by DDD-aholic September 2012

    Just at at Krazy Jim's yesterday with my son, his wife and my grandson and loved it! The burger was great, juicy and loved all the original ingredients you could have on it. And the onion rings were the bomb...just needed to add a little salt. Got some red rootbeer, and both my grandson and I thouht it was awesome! For those of you who have had negitive comments, all I have to say is remember the name of the show you are watching: "Diner, Drive-In's and DIVES." Then don't be surprised when you walk into a dive (seriously). A fun place to go. Just be sure to have quarters for the parking meter. Marking off another DDD restaurant from my many more to go! :-)

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    I just ate there today, and I must say this place is great!.  I am shocked to see all of the negative comments on here.  My burger was juicy and tasty, with a side of fried veggies and onion rings.  The onion rings here are def. one of a kind.  My only complant is with my order of fried veggies I only got one peice of Broccoli!!!

  • Posted by FoodFanatic January 2012

    Cannot understand some of these negative reviews.  I have travelled the US & Canada continually for 35  years, eaten everywhere, from zero to five star. Crazy Jim's is a one-of-a-kind that I "discovered" 20 years ago. Don't get back there enough. Get the "Pepper Bullet" with a fried egg -- just can't do better than that. Comparing Blimpy to Steak 'n Shake is like comparing War & Peace to an Archie comic book. How could you?

  • Posted by TBone December 2011

    This place sucks -- filthy, run-down, grease laced food...go to Steak n Shake across town...

  • Posted by Ron D December 2011

    AWESOME!! We ate there and absolutely loved it.

  • Posted by cyn August 2011

    THE WORST... experience in my life! I have NEVER and WILL never go back. I met several people who were in line with me because we seen the program. Wow, false advertisement!!! Guy, you need to pull the plug on this one.

  • Posted by Sarah & Jason Crain July 2011

    Save a trip and go to McDonalds, you'll get a better burger and AC. Totally dissappointed!!

  • Posted by artsmart July 2011

    Small, rickety stools==food yawn worthy==staff seems 'public weary'. All in all this place seems like it is for U of M kids who tap a keg and go for the friends and atmosphere. Guy got this one wrong His Triple D mystique is stretched here! 

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    great burgers..great experiences.great food

  • Posted by Baconlover January 2011

    As a Notre Dame fan, I was worried going into Krazy Jim's. I have to say, I loved it. The fries were okay, the burgers were awesome, and the whole experience was great.  When my family is driving from South Bend to visit my brother in Detroit (I am 12 years old) I always ask my father if we can stop in Ann Arbor (not during football season) to get one of these great burgers.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    My daughter and I stopped here Monday after an appointment at Mott's Children's Hospital (we are big fans of Triple D).  I have to say I was disappointed.  My burgers were dry (over cooked) and my onion rings were tasteless.  It didn't help that my onion rings were finished before my burgers were, so by the time we sat down they were on the cold side.  I ordered onions and mushrooms on my burger and when the cook first put them on the grill, I thought, wow, this is going to be great!  But he stuck maybe 4 or 5 on the burgers, what is up with that?  I couldn't even taste then, let alone find them.  Maybe it was an off day, but I have had better for sure................

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    I've been going to Blimpys since my teenage years when my family had season tickets to U of M Hockey @ Yost Arena. They would stay open late just for the postgamers.  Better know what you want or you just may get put in the back of the line. Deep frier, how many patties, bread, grill, cheese, toppings. Don't forget to recycle

  • Posted by Mark Christianson February 2010

    How come my son never took me here? I paid for four years at Michigan and never got a burger. David you owe me big time. Dad

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