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The Duce in Downtown Phoenix, AZ
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The Duce

Slide open the vintage steel doors and you’ll ask yourself, “where the heck am I ?!” Belly up to Chicago’s original Black Orchid Jazz Club bar for a vintage hand made cocktail and rest your elbows where d’ boys once did...Old Blue Eyes, Sammy & Dean...What the duce?!


525 South Central Avenue  Downtown PhoenixAZ  85004


The Duce - Guy Ate Here

Was hanging up behind the DJ Booth  [...]

4 yrs ago by djscrazy8s 0 comments 1,226 views

The Duce - Chicken Pot Pie Jar

Very Tasty!  [...]

4 yrs ago by djscrazy8s 0 comments 1,632 views

The Duce - Mac & Cheese Muffin

These were so wrong yet so good!  [...]

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The Duce - Main Entry

This place is best! It's a Food Truck, Bar, Ice Cream Parlor, Gym, Tailgate Party and mini clothing store! Crazy mix but it works!  [...]

4 yrs ago by djscrazy8s 0 comments 1,425 views

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    [email protected]
    Saturday, July 06, 2013
    This place is so much fun. It's a Food truck, bar, ice cream shop, dance club, boxing gym, tailgate party and small clothing store all wrapped into one! The food was really good I ended up going to this place twice over my weekend visit in Phoenix!