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Eastside Market Italian Deli

1013 Alpine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
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Eastside Market was opened in 1929 and was owned and operated by Joe Campagna and Domenic Pontrelli. In 1959 Johnny Angiuli started as a clean-up boy for Pontrelli & Laricchia and eventually learned the butcher trade. His brother Frank Angiuli joined the company in 1964 as a driver. In 1974 Johnny and Frank Angiuli became owners and operators of the Eastside Market, and started the Deli with the most delicious sandwiches in Los Angeles, the most popular being sandwich #7, Hot Roast Beef & Pastrami. Today Eastside Market is a valued Family owned business serving the Los Angeles Downtown area and surroundings. It has been awarded several awards for its incomparable deliciousness of the sandwiches.

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  • Posted by Louis Suarez January 2021

    I came from Brooklyn NY in 67,having had real Italian delis all over the place & loving them nostalgia kicked in, found Eastside Deli was not disappointed! At that time they had a store with all the Italian goodies,the smell etc. Johnny & Frank got to know me by name, I almost asked for a job their, but I had an interview with LA City,got the job! children now grown men run the place, they know me as well,Lou ! Yes the best sandwiches ever,Pedro knows me as Tito he & his crew make the best Albondiga soup, a month doesn't go by without me visiting Eastside, would be more often but I'm 75 yrs old & diabetic but in good shape becuase Eastside makes me happy when I visit & share a sandwich with my son at home .May God bless all @ Eastside Market,you make us all happy, that's why we're hardcore customers & have sent many friends & coworkers there, Much love to all from Sweet Lou!

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