Edelweiss Sausage & Delicatessen in Portland, OR

Edelweiss Sausage & Delicatessen

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Over the years, George shared his techniques, recipes and secrets with his two sons before handing over the reins and retiring fully in January of 1999. Both Tony and Tom carry on their father’s traditions and have expanded their offerings to include meats and sausages with unique character, flavors and styles. Edelweiss is a family operation through and through. Tony’s wife, Rochelle, manages operations and has a particular talent for finding the best and rarest sweet treats from Germany and other European countries. Tony and Tom’s sister, Michelle, manages catering options. We are thrilled that you have found your way to our store, whether in person or on our website. We take great pride in our unique selection as well as our food craftsmanship. Fine handcrafted meats are the hallmark of Edelweiss. Nearly every sausage and meat product imaginable is handmade on-site. Edelweiss will also accommodate your custom meat preparation and/or smoking.




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3119 Southeast 12th Avenue Portland, OR 97202


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    [email protected]~~~aol.com
    Wednesday, August 21, 2013
    Note to my previous comment: was never a bologna fan and the only bologna I'll eat is the Garlic Rosemary Bologna.
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    [email protected]~~~aol.com
    Wednesday, August 21, 2013
    I've been in love with this place since my friend first brought me here years ago. The sausages are wonderful and let us not forget the sauerkraut. I could eat a bucket full. The one thing I wish they'd get there hands in is some polish (traditional raw) sausage. Right now my mom brings me my Kielbasa from Grand Rapids, MI. I give it a boil add some kraut (from Edelweiss) and little spicy mustard, maybe some fried potatoes on the side (maybe)... PERFECT! When I go to edelweiss now I get the Garlic Rosemary Bologna from DDD as well as a few other favs like the raw brats and a couple of cheeses and some pastries that always seem to grab me on the way out the door. Love, LOVE this place.


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