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The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR
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The Tin Shed Garden Cafe

At the Tin Shed Garden Café we believe that energy travels through food: not just caloric, but spiritual energy. Our goal is to give the food a good ride from farm, to grocer, to the Shed and to you. We pride ourselves on providing only the freshest, most wholesome products. Our beef, chicken and eggs are all free-range. Our coffee is organic, shade-grown and blended to our specifications right here in Portland. Our dairy products are packed locally using no growth-hormones, the salmon is wild…you get the picture.


1438 Northeast Alberta Street  PortlandOR  97211

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Tin Shed Garden Cafe - Peanut Butter & Bannana Doggie Ice Cream

You can bring your dogs to this Triple D! They even have items for them on the menu!!  [...]

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Guy Ate Here

Tin Shed Garden Cafe  [...]

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Tin Shed Garden Cafe - Heartless Artichoke Sandwhich

I am not a vegetarian by any means but this sandwich was really tasty!!!  [...]

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Tin Shed

Out front of The Tin Shed Garden Cafe, Portland, OR  [...]

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Tin Shed Café on Good Food America

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR 
Tin Shed Cafe in Portland, OR food and coffee featured on "Good Food America" with Nathan Lyon.  [...]

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Fall of the Tin Shed

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR 
Larry and Caleb take down the shed!  [...]

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NW32TV Presents "Dog-Friendly Portland Spots" with Gustav & Nik. J Miles

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR 
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Fish Tacos Recipe: With Tilapia, Onions, Peppers, & Special Seasoning | Veria Living

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR Tin Shed Garden Café in Portland, Oregon shows Chef Nathan their Fish Tacos.  [...]

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    [email protected]
    7/30/2014 10:12:37 PM
    Had to go with the signature sandwich from the DD&D episode, the Heartless Artichoke. It was everything the show said it was. Selected the wasabi-blue cheese dressing for my salad because I never before heard of the combination of wasabi and blue cheese. What a great combo! An original menu with delicious offerings, courteous service, all in a friendly neighborhood cafe. Even the patrons dogs on the patio were friendly. And a nice selection of wines at reasonable prices. Thanks Guy for the great find and thanks Janette for a great cafe!

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