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Al's Breakfast

413 14th Avenue SE Minneapolis, MN 55414
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With its cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering food, it's a beloved local spot that has also gained national attention. In fact, Al's Breakfast was featured on an episode of the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" hosted by Guy Fieri. The restaurant's name is a nod to its founder, Al Bergstrom, who opened the restaurant in 1950. Over the years, Al's Breakfast has become known for its delicious and hearty breakfast dishes, which are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. One of the standout dishes at Al's Breakfast is the signature "teeny" omelette, which is made with just three eggs and stuffed with your choice of fillings. The omelette is served with a side of crispy hash browns and toast, making it the perfect meal to start your day. Another popular menu item is the corned beef hash, which is made with tender chunks of corned beef and served with two eggs cooked to your liking. And for something sweet, be sure to try the blueberry pancakes, which are made with fresh blueberries and topped with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. In addition to its delicious food, Al's Breakfast is also known for its cozy and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is small and intimate, with just a handful of tables, and the friendly staff makes everyone feel like a regular. Overall, Al's Breakfast is a must-visit spot for anyone in Minneapolis who loves delicious breakfast food. With its hearty dishes, cozy atmosphere, and national recognition from "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," it's a restaurant that truly stands out.

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Reviews (19)

  • Posted by FlashBack September 2014

    Anyone who was in line at 1:00 was served even though the sign said 'Closes At 1:00' The food was great, we had a couple of omlets and split an order of hashbrowns and blue berry pancakes (fantastic flavor in the pancake alone!)....great "floorshow" from the staff as well kept everyone entertained during the looong wait. It's a Must Stop destination!

  • Posted by Big Tool September 2012

    We got there early and lucked out. Our wait in line was very short and we were seated within 5 minutes. I had the whole grain blueberry
    pancakes (great) and my wife had a smoked cheddar omelet (very good). The place
    was fun and the wait staff was harried but good. I’ll definitely put this joint
    at the top of my list of Twin Cities DDD venues for a repeat visit. The DDD episode doesn’t quite capture how
    small a place Al’s is. Al’s makes the inside of the Apollo space capsule look roomy by
    comparison. Also, the place looks like an alley because it was built in an alleyway.

  • Posted by T.K. Beatty July 2012

    You Gotta do Al's! Amazing!!! Do The Jose!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    If you blink, you'll miss it. Had to drive around the block twice, till we saw it. If you question if you plugged enough change into the meter, you have not. Make sure you put that extra quarter or two in it, because you'll be waiting in "line" to get a stool at the counter. How long? A LONG time. Why? The food is worth it. Also, the atmosphere is worth it. Not a place like it on earth. Truely, one-of-a-kind. The width of an alley, kinda with the look of one, too.

  • Posted by Rick Graner February 2012

    wife and i have been here twice and have loved it

  • Posted by Guest February 2012

    it's well worth the trip to visit, good stuff

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Another stop on my May MN DDD Roadtrip. One of my favorites. We went at about 9am and stood in line for almost 2 hours, and was slightly raining too. Well worth the wait and 2nd shower. Loved the people walking by asking why in the world would people be lining up for this little place. And the response back from their friend was simple, "cause they have amazing food". I ordered the Jose and a side of pancakes. Wow. All was amazing. Loved the hashbrowns with the Jose, and I usually don't like hashbrowns at all. This place not only has amazing food, but the waiting in line makes it an experience all in itself. Anyone who regularly visits Minneapolis should at least go once.

  • Posted by snowflakey July 2011

    good food it was summer and hotter than blazes, no air.  whole wheat blueberry cakes were great

  • Posted by Becky June 2011

    Waited about 2+ hours just to have the pancakes! It was worth the wait - it was a fun little Dumpy kinda place, With good home cookin Breakfast.........And thats comin from a Chicago Girl!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Love it!!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    you dont know what you are talking about it may be a dump but the food is awesome.

  • Posted by Jenn November 2010

    My pic

  • Posted by Jenn November 2010

    My pic

  • Posted by Jenn November 2010

    My pic

  • Posted by Jenn November 2010

    Tried this gem a couple weeks ago (10/23/10) on our way to a Gopher game.  Got there at 7:10 a.m. and the place was full so we waited in their queue, had fun watching the Al's traditions from the queue.  They move stools up or down the bar to make space for the next party in line.  Odd but fun to watch! Had the Jose, it was a bed of hashbrowns with salsa and 2 poached eggs on top.  Very good!  Not a morning person so not sure I will have a chance to return, but worth the trip!

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    I've been going to Al's for 30 years since my college days - it's the most down-to-earth place you can imagine with a menu language all it's own.  My favs are whole wheat wally blues and The Spike on an oval with dark.

  • Posted by Lauren January 2010

    Love this place super fun surroundings it is hard to get stools in a group but worth the wait!! some of the best breakfast i have ever had!! love als

  • Posted by Steve December 2009

    Absolutely horrible food, place is a dump. I wouldn't recommend to anyone, ever!

  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    The place only serves breakfast and closes by 11:00.  Nice area by the college and has other restaurants around it.  Parking here could be difficult.

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