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Mad Greek's Diner

72112 Baker Boulevard Baker, CA 92309
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Reviews (19)

  • Posted by October 2017

    Disappointed! The chicken gyro was just chopped chicken with onions and tomatoes on a pita. My husband had the lamb and beef (he ordered the pork), but after a 20 minute wait did not have them fix it. Date shake was ok. Would not recommend 😞

  • Posted by Michael Gibson August 2012

    Although I really wanted to be impressed, I wasn't. We stopped in Baker to try the place out but we decided to head on to Vegas instead because there were so many bugs in the restrooms. The food experience at the Mad Greek in Vegas was hardly worth mentioning. I had a gyro and would have been just as happy with a hamburger from McD's.

  • Posted by vegas July 2012

    Given the Hell-like place it is located, The Mad Greek is excellent--would not expect to find such good food out there. DDD was correct!

  • Posted by Guest April 2012

    This place is pretty but, however, you are in Baker and there are not may places to choose from.  The dining area was dusty and dirty and the lettuce in my salad was wilted.  Just not impressed at all.  

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    I don't know what you people have been smoking on the way to this place, but the food is terrible! Way back in the day when they were owned by real Greeks and they served up about 50 different milk shake flavors, the Mad Greek was THE place to stop. Not anymore. It was beyond awful!!! Run, don't walk, away from this place and head across the street to Bob's Big Boy for some truly nostalgic food. Better yet, stop in Victorville instead. There are loads of good food choices there and it's only 100 miles from this ptomain-threatening garbage dump!

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Drove here from Vegas just to knock another DDD location off my check list. Was fun drive through the mountains and desert (for a guy that grew up in flat ND, that was amazing), and was good to get away from the Strip for awhile. But the food wasn't up there with the other DDD locations I've been too I thought. Had a chicken gyro (the guy at counter told me the lamb one featured on DDD was no longer there because "it didn't taste good at all"), and was decent, but not enough to blow me away. And the spinach pies weren't as good as what they looked like on DDD. I did however get a box of the almond cookies that I brought back to Vegas with me, enjoyed those very much. And didn't finish the whole box so took it home with me to ND and my mom, dad, sister and bro in-law loved them even though they were all crumbled up from being in my bag on plane. Don't know if I'll go back. Maybe will if roadtripping from LA to Vegas or vice versa. But would never make specific trip from Vegas again just to go there.

  • Posted by A. Powell December 2010

    I use to work in Baker for San Bernardino County and I would have to say the only thing I would go in there for was the hummus.  Other than that it's just another burger place.

  • Posted by JRiowa December 2010

    lived in in riverside cal had ate here before guy shot his show and like other posted overpriced slow service and tacky I've had better gyors here in iowa ????

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    I love the food, but it is slightly overpriced.

  • Posted by steveinriverside July 2010

    Bad service and food.  Give it a miss, you will be glad you did. 

  • Posted by JL May 2010

    Service was incredibly slow and the restaurant was not busy.  The place is very tacky and the food was just ok.  Don't see what the bid deal is.  

  • Posted by Tom May 2010

    I think that the other people leaving comments were suffering from heat stroke. This place is awful. I've been to this place twice and both times the food was tasteless, overpriced and the service was very slow. Just because all of the billboards say it is the best Greek food doesn't make it so. If you want Greek fast food, Daphne's is better. Drive past or stop in at the fast food joint around the corner. You can thank me later.

  • Posted by David Griffin January 2010

    Must have strawberry milkshake

  • Posted by lvmaverick January 2010

    OK come on..this is a roadside Greek diner run by's great!!!  Best Gyros I have ever had..always stop going either way...order anything else at your own risk...stay with the Greek food.

  • Posted by dday January 2010

    Went to the Mad Greek on way home from Vegas. Food was excellent to outstanding. Service and presentation was unsat.  Tabouli (sp)  was just slopped on plate and the same with the Hummus. Absolutely no customer service.  Place was crowded at 2PM on a MOnday. Shared a table with a father and young daughter.  They never received their food and finally they were given some chicken nuggets that were left unclaimed under the warmer.  Couple across table from us never received onion rings and after several attempts just left. Staff seemed disinterested.  I would not go again nor would I recommend this place overpriced

  • Posted by Rick December 2009

    This place was very good. Nice taziki (hope I spelled it right). Little oasis in the middle of nowhere. Worth the stop if you are going from Vegas to LA

  • Posted by Jeff November 2009

    I hadstayed away fromthis place for years. Thefoodwas terrible. I thought that Guy's trip had possibly turned things around. WRONG! Ipurchased a pastrami combo. I disliked it so much that I requested to see the manager. When he came to the counter I threw sandwich, fries and plate into the trash and walked out. NEVER again!!

  • Posted by Andrew P. October 2009

    Opa! The Mad Greek -- a Greek Oasis...Great food w/ unique atmosphere.  A must-stop-dinning spot west of Las Vegas.

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    Try the burger with pastrimi

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