Aristo's Greek Restaurant & Cafe in Salt Lake City, UT

Aristo's Greek Restaurant & Cafe

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Greek food is so much more than gyros. Don’t get us wrong – we love the tender seasoned meat between warm pita as anyone. Growing up with Greek flavors and visiting the gorgeous mountain and sea scapes of my family’s ancestral home on the island of Crete, I discovered that simple food made with the best ingredients. “Farm-to-table,” “hand-crafted,” and “artisan” have always been a part of Cretan cuisine. Simply seasoned with wild herbs, garden-grown produce, and the finest olive oil (made from olive trees that are 4,000 years old), the freshest seafood, meats, and homemade cheese always sing. That’s why we import the best Cretan olive oil to use in all our dishes. We grind our own meat. We source the best seafood. We grow and dry our own mint and greens…you get the idea.




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