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Lone Star Taco Bar

479 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02134, USA
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Lone Star is the collaboration of the shared and individual experiences of owners Aaron Sanders and Max Toste, who spent much of their early years in Texas and Southern California, respectively. Aaron and Max felt it was important to stay true to the same ideas that are central to Deep Ellum, but in a separate and unique way. This was an opportunity to produce a new venture with a style all of its own.

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  • Posted by September 2015

    My Husband & I are huge fans of guys Triple D show & decided to take a road trip with our two friends Thru the new England states based on his visits & while our husbands ate next door at Deep ellum we ate here & I can tell you the way the corn is prepared is probably the most amazing thing you'll ever have along with the Guacamole & chicken tostado & homemade sangria you won't be disappointed. We can't wait to go back to Massachusetts & visit these amazing places.

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