Shorty’s Pizza and Smoked Meat in Superior, WI

Shorty’s Pizza and Smoked Meat

 September 23, 2014  1 Comments  4530 views

Montreal smoked meat, or simply smoked meat in Montreal, is a type of kosher-style deli meat product made by salting and curing beef brisket with spices. The brisket is allowed to absorb the flavours over a week and is then hot smoked to cook through, and finally, steamed to completion. Although the preparation methods may be similar, Montreal smoked meat is cured in seasoning with more cracked peppercorns and aromatic spices, such as coriander, and significantly less sugar than New York pastrami. The meat is typically served in the form of a rye bread sandwich slathered with mustard. While some Montreal smoked meat is brine-cured like corned beef, with spices applied later, many smoked meat establishments prefer dry-curing directly with salt and spices.




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    [email protected]
    Tuesday, September 23, 2014
    Was extremely disappointed in this one. Everything that had been featured on ddd was no longer on the menu except the Triple D pizza. No one in my group was overly impressed with anything that we ordered from the menu. Would not make a point to go back again.


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